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Queen Tut – TWiT Movie Review

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Queen Tut follows Egyptian teenager Nabal (Ryan Ali), who, after the loss of his mother, leaves Cairo to live with his father in Toronto. Parachuted into the underground queer nightlife, he confronts his mother’s death by taking up the ways of drag and becoming Queen T under the guidance of trans drag mother Malibu (Alexandra Billings).

Queen Tut will arrive on DVD and VOD on June 11, with platforms including AppleTV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, VUDU, and more.

Rating: 4
Good Movie
LGBTQIA Relevance

“Queen Tut” is a heartwarming and inspiring film that captures the essence of living authentically through the lens of a diverse cast of characters. The narrative focuses on their collective efforts to save a historic gay bar, a cherished cornerstone for the LGBTQIA community. The historic gay bar, at the heart of the story, symbolizes more than just a physical space; it represents a sanctuary where individuals can express their true selves without fear of judgment. The struggle to preserve this landmark underscores the broader fight for recognition and respect within society.

One of the core narratives in Queen Tut revolves around Nabla, played by Ryan Ali, and his evolving relationship with his religious father. This subplot delicately examines the intricate and often tumultuous dynamics between familial expectations and personal identity. Despite the evident tension and conflict arising from Nabla’s identity, his father’s actions reveal a profound, albeit conflicted, love. Through Nabla’s story, the film illustrates that acceptance is not a linear path but a process marked by moments of struggle and breakthrough.

“Queen Tut” shines brightly due to its vibrant ensemble of characters, each bringing unique humor and personality to the screen. Their dynamics, filled with witty banter and genuine concern, are crucial in making the film relatable and engaging. The cinematography highlights the colorful, dynamic atmosphere of the community. Complementing the visual prowess is the exceptionally crafted script, which balances humor, drama, and heartfelt moments with finesse.

The film’s ability to deliver a visually and emotionally compelling experience demonstrates that the essence of great filmmaking lies in the creativity and dedication of its creators, rather than the size of its budget.

Shot in the heart of Toronto’s Gay Village, Queen Tut held its World Premiere at Reeling: The Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival went on to screen at OUTshine LGBTQ+ Film Festival Miami, Out on Film Atlanta, the Way Out West Film Festival, and the Desperado LGBTQ+ Film Festival. The film was most recently nominated for multiple awards at the prestigious Canadian Screen Awards including Performance in a Leading Role, Comedy, and Achievement in Music for Original Song.

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Alongside Billings and Ali, Queen Tut features an ensemble cast of colorful characters including Kiriana Stanton, Selena Vyle, and Thom Allison. The film is written by Abdul Malik, Bryan Mark, and Kaveh Mohebbi, with Lindsay Blair Goeldner and Shant Joshi as Producers. Executive Producers include Alexandra Billings alongside, Sonya Di Rienzo, Aeschylus Poulos, and Ingrid Veninger.


Directed by Reem Morsi
Written by: Abdul Malik, Bryan Mark, Kaveh Mohebbi

Starring: Alexandra Billings, Ryan Ali, Kiriana Stanton, Selena Vyle, Thom Allison

Produced by: Lindsay Blair Goeldner, Shant Joshi
Executive Producers: Alexandra Billings, Sonya Di Rienzo, Aeschylus Poulos, Ingrid Veninger
Co-Producers: Abdul Malik, Lauren Saarimaki
Cinematography by: Issa Shah
Edited by: Ben Lee Allan
Music by: Saud Bushnaq

Canada I 2023 I LGBT, Drama I 91 minutes

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