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The Strong Ones (Los Fuertes)

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The Strong Ones is a story of love and courage, at the end of the world, between two young men in search of freedom. Set against the dramatic beauty of southern Chile, Lucas travels to a remote town to visit his sister. There he meets Antonio who works on a local fishing boat. An intense romance grows between them despite their contrasting worldviews. Writer-Director Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo wanted to make a film in which the characters were not affected by any hostility around them, where they fight for their place in the world, for the dignity they define for themselves.

Rating: 4.5
Good Movie!
Great Plot
Good Ending

The cinematography was beautiful. The characters are well thought out and relatable. Although it has English subtitles it was easy to keep up and I was able to read and watch the unfolding drama without any problem. I thought it was a good movie and recommend it as a pleasant way to spend a lazy afternoon.

THE STRONG ONES is a film about two young men seeking their place in the world, celebrating without reservation the love that they have. It is also a political gesture that speaks of their freedom, autonomy, and resilience, in which they break the waves that come against them. I wanted to explore the fragility of the masculine, the dignity of the trades, and southern Chile’s culture, which I know in-depth. I wanted to travel to the sea and face the immensity. I wanted to be lying next to the wood fire. I wanted to tell a story of love between two men who know what they want and that they are also different from each other, with different life experiences and ways of seeing things. I wanted to tell this story without the presence of guilt, trauma, or discovery; in a way, I haven’t seen enough. With this movie, I want to say that we are here, that we deserve a space in the places where we live, and that we will not let ourselves be carried away searching for our independence.

This beautifully written film has won numerous awards and accolades.
Outfest Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival 2020
Winner: Narrative Feature
Winner: Grand Jury Prize for Best International Narrative Feature
Winner: Best Feature Film
Out on Film, Atlanta´s LGBTQ Film Festival 2020
Winner:  Best Director Omar Zuniga Hidaldo
Winner:  Best International Film
Winner:  Best Actor Antonio Altamirano
OUTshine Film Festival South Florida
Winner:  Best Feature Film
Out on Film Canadian Festival
Winner:  Best Director Jury Award
Runner-up:  Best International Film

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