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Daisies Die In Winter – A TWiT Review

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Daisies Die In Winter Book Cover1968 was to be his Summer of love…coming of age and coming out in a small Texas rodeo town in a time when same-sex dancing was considered a moral outrage. The friends he made along the way would change his life forever. His love and life expanded until an unknown virus changed his world and his time forever…He experienced the pain of watching those that did the dying. Daniel survived when so many did not, the question was always, why?

Rating: 5
Great Book!
Great Plot

Native Texan and past Twit Cover Model (April 25, 1986) David Edmondson has written a great book. I really enjoyed reading it. “Daisies Die In Winter” is a life-long adventure of ups and downs that are very relatable to many gay men who grew up in the 70s-80s, and then some. This is a story of an adventurous man that was well-traveled and made friends everywhere he went. A man that was able to see the beauty in people but saw many friends succumb to the AIDS virus. David, being a traveler himself, is able to weave a visual narrative of many places and events that allows the reader to live the experience.
I highly recommend this book!

David Edmondson PhotoABOUT THE AUTHOR

David Edmondson grew up in the small North Texas rodeo town of Mansfield. After high school, he trained and worked in technical fields in Beverly Hills, Dallas, and New York. With a mid-life career change working many years as a Flight Attendant he traveled the world, indulging his passion in experiencing all forms of the human condition. David has authored several books of GLBT Romance, Lifestyle, and History most notable, Right Turn on Royal, The Journey of Daniel Self, and Point of The Pink Triangle. He is a long-time resident of Palm Springs, California. Visit David’s, Facebook Page.

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