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Mapplethorpe, The Director’s Cut

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Robert Mapplethorpe was among the most consequential and controversial artists of the 20th Century. This Director’s Cut offers previously unseen footage, exploring his childhood love of photography and embattled relationship with his father and the Catholic church, as well as an originally composed score and an all-new soundtrack.

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If you’re looking for an entertaining movie that offers a comprehensive glimpse into the remarkable life of Robert Mapplethorpe, look no further. This film provides a captivating narrative that delves deep into the history of this renowned artist.

One of the standout aspects of the movie is Matt Smith’s exceptional performance as Robert Mapplethorpe. Smith truly brings the character to life, immersing himself in the role and delivering a compelling portrayal.

The film doesn’t shy away from showcasing the graphic details of Mapplethorpe’s most memorable works. It offers an unflinching look at his art, allowing viewers to appreciate the depth and complexity of his creations.

Additionally, the soundtrack of the movie is spot-on. It skillfully transports you back through the years, featuring a selection of great tunes that perfectly complement the unfolding story. The music is so captivating that I found myself sitting through the ending credits just to continue listening.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in the life and art of Robert Mapplethorpe. It offers a unique and engaging experience, providing a window into the world of this influential artist.

I highly recommend this movie!

The film follows Robert’s important love affair with Patti Smith and pivotal romance with powerhouse art collector, Sam Wagstaff. Through never-before-seen footage, we see Mapplethorpe’s development of a precise, erotically charged photographic style — as well as his struggle to attain mainstream recognition up to picturing his untimely death from AIDS. Mapplethorpe The Director’s Cut, offers a nuanced portrait of an artist at the height of his craft, along with the self-destructive impulses that threatened to undermine it all.

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