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Murder on The Bluegrass Bourbon Train

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Scarlett Dunn’s 1st Murder Mystery – Honey Howell returned to her small, quiet hometown of Bardstown, Kentucky, thrilled by the prospect of working with her grandfather at his legendary bourbon distillery and reconnecting with K.C. Cleary — a master distiller and “the one who got away.”

Rating: 5
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Great Plot

Scarlett Dunn has done a great job with her first murder mystery. Her expertise in the romance novel genre has given her the ability to create well-developed, engaging characters. Her in-depth accounting of every detail makes it easy for you to visualize both the characters as well as their surroundings. My favorite genre is mysteries and Murder On The Bluegrass Bourbon Train ranks a 5-star rating from me.

What she didn’t expect was to discover K.C. with a knife in his chest. Honey’s a marketing whiz, not a sleuth, but that doesn’t curb her determination to bring the murderer to justice. Honey’s digging dredges up more than clues, and soon she realizes that her genteel hometown has dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of their polite society.

Also in the hunt for K.C.’s killer is Texan Sam Gentry, Bardstown’s newest detective. When he meets Honey he falls in love at first sight — with her bloodhound, Elvis. Sam and Elvis are a match made in heaven — both are relentless in their dogged pursuit of a murderer. When Honey finds another dead master distiller on a dinner train, Sam and Elvis work together to sniff out the truth. Sam’s greatest challenge, however, is thwarting amateur sleuth Honey from interfering with his investigation while preventing her from becoming another victim.

With a charming, relatable protagonist, the inviting backdrop of Kentucky Bourbon Country, and an irresistible bloodhound, Murder on the Bluegrass Bourbon Train from popular inspirational romance author Scarlett Dunn, marks Dunn’s fantastic first voyage into the cozy mystery genre.

Puzzle-solving readers will enjoy the fast-paced narrative and believable characters as Honey and Sam scout for clues — with a little help from Elvis, of course! With no shortage of potential suspects, the twists and turns throughout attempt to throw readers off the track. Who did it and why? Hop aboard to find out!

Scarlett Dunn PhotoBefore becoming a published author, Scarlett Dunn was an entrepreneur. In addition to writing cozy mysteries, Dunn has published several historical inspirational romance novels. She lives in Kentucky, and as an avid outdoorswoman, she enjoys any activity under the sun, where she develops her characters and plots. When not writing, her favorite days are spent with those she loves. She has many hobbies, including making bourbon balls. She would tell you her closely guarded recipe, but then she’d have to throw you off the train!

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