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Masquerade, and Murder at the Bourbon Ball

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This fast-paced mystery, Masquerade, and Murder at the Bourbon Ball in Scarlett Dunn’s latest novel gives readers another reason to wear a mask!

Take another trip to beautiful Bourbon Country where guests are decked out in historical costumes at the Masquerade Ball. Who would expect a murderer to be among the guests on this magical evening?

Masquerade and Murder at the Bourbon Ball is the follow-up novel to Murder on the Bluegrass Bourbon Train by acclaimed historical romance author Scarlett Dunn, and she doesn’t disappoint with more interesting characters, a great plot, and her top sleuth, Elvis the Bloodhound.

Rating: 5
Great Book!
Great Plot

I was thrilled when I heard that Scarlett Dunn had published her second murder mystery. I loved the first one, “Murder on the Bluegrass Bourbon Train” so much that I knew I would love the second. I was not the least bit disappointed! I LOVED it!

I love a good murder mystery and this one had a lot of suspects and possible scenarios. Scarlett Dunn can spin a great mystery, and her extensive experience as a romance novelist leads to a more impassioned and intimate adventure.

Both books are a great read!

Can you believe Honey Howell discovers more dead bodies in her genteel hometown? Elvis, aka the four-legged Sherlock Holmes, and handsome detective Sam Gentry team up once again to investigate the latest murders. Will they need the assistance of the talented and charming radio personality Terry Meiners to discover the culprit? Or is he a potential suspect?

Scarlett Dunn photoBefore becoming a published author, Scarlett Dunn was an entrepreneur. In addition to writing cozy mysteries, Dunn has published several historical inspirational romance novels. She lives in Kentucky, and as an avid outdoorswoman, she enjoys any activity under the sun, where she develops her characters and plots. When not writing, her favorite days are spent with those she loves. She has many hobbies, including making bourbon balls. She would tell you her closely guarded recipe, but then she’d have to throw you off the train!

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