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LGBTQ Family Drama “A WAKE”

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LGBTQ Family Drama “A WAKE” – Driven by a desperate need to understand their loss, the children in a religious family clash with their parents as they prepare for the wake of their brother, Mitchel. Teenage Mason desperately tries to reach his lost identical twin through spiritual means. Precocious preteen Molly meticulously organizes the event expecting everything to go exactly as planned. Megan, their older sister, returns home after a long absence, no longer interested in repressing the truth. Their Baptist grandmother and parents attempt to maintain normalcy when an unexpected stranger, Jameson, arrives — forcing the family to face secrets and lies around Mitchel’s death.

Rating: 4
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A sad movie where everyone is dealing with the loss of a loved one in their own way, and everyone feels guilty that they somehow played a role in the young man’s emotional state and are somewhat responsible for his tragic death. They also have to come to terms with his being gay as most of the family was unaware he was gay until his boyfriend was invited to the wake. But, even with all the sadness, I really enjoyed the movie and recommend it.

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Scott Boswell

“A Wake was the proverbial labor of love”, said Boswell. “It had to be because independent filmmaking is a rocky road — even more so when you’re exploring tough themes around loss and queer identity. After years of planning, the first reward came when I finally got to work with the cast, and then later when I met audiences at festivals. Now I couldn’t be more excited by the film’s bigger release with Breaking Glass.”

“When we released Scott Boswell’s first feature The Stranger in Us in 2010, we recognized his immense talent as an up-and-coming filmmaker”, said Wolff. “Breaking Glass is thrilled to be releasing Boswell’s new film for American audiences to experience.”

LGBTQ Family Drama “A WAKE” – Breaking Glass Pictures is proud to release A Wake, a riveting family drama from Director Scott Boswell (The Stranger in Us) centered around secrets, lies, and true love.

Starring Noah Urrea (Netflix’s “Metal Lords”) of Now United fame, Kolton Stewart (Netflix’s “Lock & Key”; “The Expanse”; Disney’s upcoming Disenchanted), Sofia Rosinsky (Disney’s “Fast Layne”; upcoming series “Paper Girls”), and Megan Trout, A Wake won numerous awards during its festival run, including “Festival Favorite for a Feature Film” at Cinema Diverse, “Best LGBT Film” at the Big Apple Film Festival, and “Best Feature Film” at Gilbert Baker Film Festival.

A Wake is available on iTunes/Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, through local cable & satellite providers, and on DVD.

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