Every Grain of Sand – by David P. Wichman with Heather Ebert

Sexual Healer and Entrepreneur Shares Message of Hope and Healing

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Every Grain Of Sand Book CoverEvery Grain of Sand
by David P. Wichman with Heather Ebert

David P. Wichman has lived through childhood abuse, homelessness, and severe addiction. Despite the darkness, he found a sense of purpose as an escort, bringing compassionate intimacy to marginalized men, including the elderly, disabled, and traumatized.

After white-collar crime landed him in jail, Wichman resolved to conquer the sense of brokenness that had been driving him to self-destruction. His spiritual journey has revealed his inherent wholeness and worth, a message of love and belonging he now carries to others.

Rating: 5
Great Book!
Great Plot

An amazing journey of unfathomable pain and despair, to a rebirth of living life to its fullest. Every Grain of Sand is a remarkable true story of a man who endures the most incredible suffering and overcomes his broken reality to create a life full of love, understanding, and personal growth.

This book was heart-wrenching to read but I also found myself mentally offering encouragement and feeling a true sense of joy and hopefulness for each little success he achieved throughout his journey.

I highly recommend this book!

David P Wichman ImageABOUT THE AUTHOR

David P. Wichman is an author, speaker, sexual healer, and entrepreneur. In 2009, he founded his travel-companion company, the Male Adventure. He has accompanied clients on life-changing adventures to all seven continents. Wichman is an activist, ally, and grateful member of the LGBTQI2 community.


“It’s taken years to bring this story to life, but I’m passionate about my message. This book is for anyone who has suffered from a painful past. I believe our worst traumas neither destroy us nor define us. As we wake up to our true nature of wholeness, we begin to heal and live out our purpose in the world.”
– David P. Wichman