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Under the Lantern Lit Sky – TWiT Movie Review

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Under the Lantern Lit Sky explores the new marriage of a young couple in 1927 Mississippi, who in different ways are coming to terms with their sexuality.

Under The Lantern Lit Sky, is a narrative feature about the backstory of the character Blanche DuBois from Streetcar Named Desire. In Streetcar, Blanche mentions in passing some profound details about her first marriage which were in fact removed from the film version, and this is the full breadth of that story imagined.

ULLS Official Trailer from Michelle Bossy on Vimeo.

Rating: 4.5
Good Movie!
Great Plot
Good Ending

I liked this movie simply because the visual aspects are interesting. The dialog is a little weak as it feels like a stage production rather than a movie, however, it helps the progression of the movie since it is only 75 minutes long. But what makes this a good movie, and worth watching, is the surprise ending.

Director: Michelle Bossy

The United States, 2020, 75 min

Shooting Format: Digital 4K

Festival Year:2021

Category: Narrative Feature

Cast: Devin Kawaoka, Jaclyn Bethany, Christy Escobar, Dan Shaked, Matt Citron

Crew: Writer: Jaclyn Bethany. Producer: Kerry Miller.

Filmmaker’s note

My film is a Southern gothic tale of star-crossed lovers. The film begins as Blanche unwittingly marries a gay man. Although it is a period piece, it is a film that resonates with current themes of sexuality, trauma, gender identity, and isolation. The screenplay was written by Jaclyn Bethany, and says Michelle Bossy and is deeply personal to me, as I married a man who came out recently as a homosexual.

Our main character, Blanche, is a fragile bird desperately searching for love and affection from her husband Allen. When she discloses her trauma to her sister, she is shut down; when she questions her husband’s motives, she is gaslit. Through vulnerable storytelling and performances, Blanche and Allen’s tragic love affair is revealed.

UNDER THE LANTERN LIT SKY is my first feature, an independent art film that was shot for under 100K. We shot the film on location in New Orlean, capturing the lush, evocative world of the South. The cast is comprised of a diverse theater ensemble. As a first-generation Latina woman, whose father was born in Sonora, MX, telling diverse, dynamic stories have always been of the utmost importance to me.

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