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The Happy Fits Release Video For “Sailing”

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(The Happy Fits Press Photo; Credit: Rahil Ahsruff)

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Orchestral-tinged indie-pop trio The Happy Fits – Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis – have released the video for “Sailing” – taken from their debut full-length, What Could Be Better – PRESS HERE to watch.
Built to replicate blue mind, the meditative state you fall into when you are near water, the serenity of “Sailing” emphasizes the prolific wisdom of the young New Jersey songwriters. Underneath the vibrant harmonies, which build vividly into the out-of-nowhere-calamity guitars, the narrative of “Sailing” – a song about drifting away from something or someone you want to remain tethered to – mirrors the way an unmanned vessel can drift farther from the shore with each wave in encounters. Accentuated by the layer of airy and echoed percussion and cello, the heartbreakingly poetic ballad is built with the intention of emulating the feeling of a swaying boat.
The announcement of “Sailing” follows last week’s vinyl pressing of their fan-favorite, debut EP, Awfully Apeelin’. Previously unreleased in physical form, the 2016 EP features The Happy Fits’ single “While You Fade Away,” which rocketed to #5 of Spotify’s Top 50 Viral USA Chart and #17 on Spotify’s Top 50 Viral Global Chart. The track’s runaway success can be attributed to their tendency to explore relatable topics, like validation and stability, throughout their transparently written songs.
This authenticity has helped them form an eager and engaged fanbase of 615,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, reaching 43 million global streams. “Hold Me Down” – What Could Be Better’s focus track – has reached #5 on the SiriusXM Alt 18 Countdown and #39 on the Alternative Radio Chart, inching the band towards their first-ever chart debut.
Their upbeat nature comes from a desire to connect with a world that’s sometimes distant. As a result, What Could Be Better is a mission statement that’s meant to be shared, channeling youthful malaise into songs that demand to be sung along to. Alternative Press, Popmatters, DuJour, Atwood Magazine, and others have all signed on to champion the band’s unique, guitar-and-cello rock, with NPR asking “What Could Be Better? I honestly don’t know.”
For more information on The Happy Fits you can head over to their Twitch channel or YouTube Gaming channel to watch them explore the worlds of Mindcraft, Among Us, and Stardew Valley, dive into their imaginative and witty music videos, including “The Garden,” “Go Dumb,” “Moving,” “No Instructions,” and “Hold Me Down,” and catch their weekly live series by adding their to your bookmarks.
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