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Stained Fortune: The Higher The Price The Greater The Risk – And This Man Is Willing To Risk It All

Stained Fortune, first in a trilogy by Joe Calderwood, is garnering rave reviews for its strong characters and riveting storyline of international intrigue, money, drugs and murder – making it a read impossible to put down!
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Stained Fortune Book CoverIt wasn’t Clint Kennedy’s plan to land in a Mexican prison. But when the rewards are great, the risks are even greater.

From his nighttime prowls through Mexico’s seedy backstreets, to the thunderous roar of the bull ring, to the gleaming towers of Miami’s most prestigious banks — Clint lived for each new adrenaline rush, even if jail was almost inevitable.

In Stained Fortune, the new suspense thriller from Joe Calderwood, we meet Clint Kennedy, a career criminal who grew up poor alongside friends with money. And now it was his turn to enjoy the good life. He will do anything to make money, and sometimes he’ll pay the price. But that’s a risk he’s more than willing to take.

Following his first prison sentence for running an escort business in Miami, Clint moves to Mexico for a fresh start. A chance meeting with a Mexican bullfighter who also happens to be a drug kingpin sends Clint down a path toward his biggest payday ever.

And all he has to do is move millions of dollars, undetected, from Mexico to a United States bank account. All without raising suspicion. All free and clear. And he would keep four million of it. But the tiniest mistake could cost him everything.

Author Joe Calderwood was born and raised in Homestead, Florida, and graduated from college in 1971 with a BBA. For many years, he was a practicing CPA in Florida before beginning his career as a serial entrepreneur. He’s owned, so far, seven different businesses, and currently owns a 55-lot development in Western North Carolina. Stained Fortune is his debut book and the first in a planned three-part Clint Kennedy series. He lives in Western North Carolina with his partner of 36 years and spouse of three years, Gil.

Stained Fortune
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