Rise up. Speak out. Take action. Vote.

Stand with LGBTQ youth

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Right now, 78.9% of LGBTQ students feel unsafe in their own schools. And you have the power to help protect them.

Rise up. Speak out. Take action. Vote.

This year’s elections are as important as ever. Just last month, the Senate confirmed Eric Dreiband—a corporate lawyer with a track record of defending clients in anti-LGBTQ lawsuits—as the new head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. And on the heels of that decision, the Administration announced its plan to redefine gender as a fixed condition determined by the sex assigned at birth.

Despite an Administration that continually rolls back federal protections in an abhorrent effort to increase the vulnerability of LGBTQ students and their allies, positive change is being made at the grassroots level.  This is where your vote can make a big difference, and where GLSEN can have the biggest impact—with school boards and your local and state officials.

Stand with LGBTQ youth tomorrow and please consider making a donation to support GLSEN.