Empowering LGBTQ Employees to Rate Their Employers

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OutBüro (OutBuro.com) launches filling a void in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer working and professional community by offering a Glassdoor.com-like service in where LGBTQ employees may rate their employers on not only general employee related areas but those specific to the employer’s LGBTQ polices, benefits, culture, work-life balance, job security, CEO performance and more.  Rating includes a free-form text review along with prompting for pros and cons as well as a message to the CEO.  Registered members’ ratings are displayed anonymously.  Ratings must adhere to our Community and Company Rating Guidelines.  Other members may indicate a rating as helpful as well as flag inappropriate content for community self-governance. OutBüro’s founder, Dennis Velco, built and moderates LinkedIn’s largest LGBT professional group with 47k global members now as a service of OutBüro.

OutBüro empowers every LGBTQ person to add their current and past employers, if not already present.  OutBüro is open to all company sizes from the small local business to Fortune 100.  OutBüro’s Company Rating directory is worldwide.  No matter where an LGBTQ person lives and works they can have a voice in praising their employer or offering constructive feedback to be a catalyst for change.

Companies may claim their listing to gain additional features and ensure their information is correctly represented including the required responses to the presence of the following policies and practices:

  • Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Gender Identity Non-Discrimination
  • Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Supports LGBTQ Equality Globally (if operates in more than one country)
  • LGBT Inclusion Competency
  • Public Commitment to LGBTQ Equality
  • Requires Similar Policies in Contractors and Vendors

Add your employer and rate them today.

OutBüro (OutBuro.com) is a start-up company providing the LGBTQ workforce and professionals a voice in improving our future.  Our platform provides the ability to connect and dialog with others one on one and via topically focused groups at all levels of career phase from entry level, professionals through entrepreneurs.  OutBüro’s Job Portal enables employers to attract quality LGBTQ candidates while demonstrating their commitment to the LGBTQ community.   Job seekers may add their resume/CV to the growing search-able repository in an active and passive job search.