Intersection, a stirring thriller!

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Jake Galloway, a charming and well-dressed white-collar extortionist, wheels and deals like no one else. One evening, as he one-ups the founder of a local tech startup over an international Visa, he receives a mysterious picture text message. An unknown kidnapper is holding a gun to his son’s head. Jake takes an anonymous call from the kidnapper and is forced to abort the Visa deal in progress. He is then coerced to drive the city streets, completing an escalating series of tasks to appease his son’s abductor. Through this series of tests, he learns how his business dealings have affected others. Taking place over one night, Intersection is a nail-biting and tense thriller with an ultimately positive message, as Jake resolves to end his career as a conman and be truly present for his family.

The central theme of the film explores the age-old question, “When does the end justify the means?”. It questions, when is it right to do the wrong thing? Just how far would you go to save your own child? Would you kill to save their life? Would you die for them? This stirring thriller feels hyper-modern as it depicts text messages and streaming video calls throughout, demonstrating the power of new media.

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