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Welcome to Allah I was a talent disbeliever in this area in Sri Lanka We hop back into our maniac driver car and we zipped up all the way up the hills Into out loud that was about almost a three-hour drive my driver again was driving like a maniac like he’s a big in-between two trucks and Scooters literally, I was holding your hand about cremated alive Today on loking the adventures Trains are the only thing on our minds as we explore and an epic ride through the countryside of Sri Lanka Is that a Dutch thing to do to hike in Facade it’s like blech here some here.

Her mother was really afraid he would die in flip-flops So her addicted driver drops us off in the middle, oh no, where We’re supposed to go to a bridge called it not an arch bridge This right here is one of the engineering marvels of the early 20th century this bridge which is almost 100 years old has been built with blocks of stone and cement without any Straightening iron or concrete the giant arches took bridge on a curved path to link to the mountains the bridge walk across the train tracks This area, please don’t jump, hon. I love you His big yo our v Also known as the bridge in the sky when construction work commenced on the bridge world one began Between the empires of Europe and the steel is fine for the bridge was Reallocated to Britain’s war-related projects, as a result, the work came to a standstill leading the locals to build a bridge with only materials at hand The Train is coming and we jumped off just in time, but he found the mother Walking from the nine arches bridge back to hello town is about two hours as Not including a 30-minute hike down to the bridge where we pass through the Tea Plantations and the jungle Allah is popular among many people for its Eco liveliness and a calm countryside atmosphere this place adds to its serenity day 43 If you found this tape o my dear it was so dangerous there.

So look, it does monsters Really hungry you have no water Actually just a severe so vinca And we’re in d Highland still quite hungry. Yeah, perhaps you’re different great. We actually made it back to civilization Never been so happy to see a railway station the next day After exploring all day on the train tracks were now riding them ourselves This is the legendary Atlantic candy route where we go literally into the heart of the country No travels in Sri Lanka would be complete with an experience like this. Just make sure you have a window seat The viewer ratings of the chain was laid for about 40 minutes and that was fine I mean We’re in Sri Lanka and the weather’s beautiful and gorgeous So we didn’t mind waiting and now we’re on this six and a half hour train rudely the hillside Melanca Do this Just hang myself ahead of the spray Torres Espanol This famous train journey from Ella to candy is often described as the world’s most scenic and a Definite bucket list idol.

The journey is along six hours for only less than two. Euros There’s just something special about spending a few hours Mixing with locals hanging out the train door and being mesmerized by the passing tea plantations and picturesque hilltops rural villages and forests whizzing by up to this I think these Hawkers selling homemade snacks on the train is as close as you can get to street food in Sri Lanka and we get the best country views with our bikes but the train shakes to rattles and rolls its way through or Unbelievably picturesque and the landscape got progressively more breathtaking as the journey went on Every time the train turned a bed it was almost Unjustifiable to soak it all in How is this real world? So we have a little detour train tries to stop the They’re constructions So we had to take Seats on the bus was hectic And the very steel and Whoo, these tasty samosas are flaky and crispy from the outside with a delicious potato piece stuffing Oh, yeah, and they know what the real definition of spicy means Sri Lanka’s railway system is a product of the British colonial rule and it can be traced back to the mid 19th century Just arriving candy after Which was supposed to be six hours, right To Moshe Laker now it is proper to Headin off to our accommodation out You guys like this video Subscribe

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