What does breaking the silence mean to you?

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As you’re reading this, hundreds of thousands of students nationwide are protesting – as part of GLSEN’s 24th annual Day of Silencethe erasure and silencing of LGBTQ youth caused by bullying, harassment, and violence.

Students participating in the largest student-led action on LGBTQ equality in the world will take a voluntarily vow of silence for the entire school day—demonstrating their leadership and deep commitment to ending LGBTQ bias in their schools… Participating means something different—something personal—to each student.

What does their silence mean to you?

Celebrities, organizations, elected officials, and other individuals have rallied to show their support, creating videos where they are silent in poignant and profound solidarity with LGBTQ youth. Participants include Julia Roberts, Kerry Washington, the hosts of The View, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Beals, and many more.

If you are committed to the safety and wellbeing of LGBTQ youth, I hope you’ll support these students by making a special gift to GLSEN today—and show that you stand with the tens of thousands of young people taking a vow of silence today.