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#BeVISIBLE LGBTQIA+ Pride Wall at Jenni’s Noodle House

Jenni’s Noodle House in the Heights, has partnered with Eric Edward Schell, photographer and founder of Pride Portraits and artist, designer Hugo Perez to create the #BeVISIBLE LGBTQIA+ community Pride Art Wall for Houston, TX.
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Jenni’s Noodle House in the Heights, has partnered with Eric Edward Schell, photographer andfounder of Pride Por traits and artist, designer Hugo Perez to create the #BeVISIBLE LGBTQIA+ community Pride Art Wall for Houston, TX.

In this time of emboldened resistance to equity and equality Pride Portraits is honored to be the organization to give Houston a Pride Inspired Paint Wall. This wall is an extension of our mission to give people a platform to be visible, represented and humanized. Unfortunately, Houston has lost two Pride inspired paint walls in 2018 so it is our hope that people who identify within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum will be reminded that they are not alone and they have the support of Houston’s ever growing LGBTQIA+ community and our extraordinary allies when looking at this wall.

Jenni’s Noodle House has been a longtime ally, advocate and supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community on the local Houston and national level through Houston Pride parade, Human Rights Campaign Sponsorship, fundraisers and collection drop offs for LGBTQIA+ Homeless Youth, Houston Pride Parade 2011, 2012, OutSmarts’s Gayest and Greatest Awards, Pride Portraits and lending their voice toward important equality voting initiatives. When Jenni and Scott Tranweaver read friend, Eric Edward Schell’s post on the loss one of the last Pride inspired walls in Houston, they decided to lend their large outdoor wall on the side of their Jenni’s Noodle House Heights location to create a new wall with Eric, and artist Hugo Perez. The wall will serve to be a reminder for those in the Houston LGBTQIA+ community to “Be Visible” in a time where the progress made towards equality seems to be in opposition of visibility. The #BeVISIBLE Pride Wall will feature a quote from LGBTQIA+ civil rights activist Jim Obergefell. “I march because of the people who marched before me. Thanks to them, I live in a better world due to their bravery, and I owe it to them and those who come after me to continue the fight for equality.”

The mural will be an unveiled on April 5th. Jim Obergefell will be present to help spotlight the importance of this work. Jim’s case to have his marriage recognized would become the Supreme Court case and final decision legalizing same sex-marriage across the United States on June 26th 2015.

Pride Portraits stands for Photographs Representing Individuals Deserving Equality. Pride Portraits is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to visually represent the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies one photograph and story at a time. Visibility and representation for our community is key to promote the humanization of a community that is dehumanized every single day.

Hugo Perez, an artist and visual designer based in Houston, Texas. He teamed up with Eric on the Pride Portraits campaign, developing the brand and painting the official backdrop for the campaign. “As a gay person of color, I am proud to be given the opportunity to create the #BeVisible Pride Wall which aims to celebrate acceptance and equality for all individuals.”

Jenni’s Noodle House, locally owned and operated Vietnamese restaurant, founded by Jenni and Scott Tranweaver in 2002; with their first location in the East Side of Downtown Houston. Jenni created her menu alongside her late Mama Tran, based on childhood favorite, home-style Vietnamese dishes. Jenni wanted to create a place where everyone was welcome with a taste of Vietnam, drawing inspiration from Houston, many of her dishes named for Houston art institutions such as; Infernal Bridegroom, Art Car Parade, Mr. Scotty Steak and their son Logan, customers, industry friends and family members’ children. Jenni’s Noodle House currently has four locations in the Montrose, Galleria, Greenway Business District and Historic Houston Heights.

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