Between Love & Goodbye

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Casper Andreas previously wrote and directed the irreverent comedy Slutty Summer, and then co-wrote and directed its spin-off, A Four Letter Word. He is also planning a second spin-off, and recently directed both The Big Gay Musical and a short film. But before all of that, the Swedish immigrant wrote a role for himself in his unproduced script Between Love & Goodbye. 

Deciding on a younger actor (Justin Tensen) for the role of gay immigrant Marcel, Andreas focuses on his directing duties and finally brings this drama to life. Kyle (Simon Miller) falls in love quickly with Marcel, and they decide to live together in New York City.

Unfortunately, Marcel’s Visa marriage with their friend Sarah (Jane Elliott) and the arrival of Kyle’s transgender sister (Rob Harmon as April) both test their patience and their love. Made with the same reckless abandonment as the rest of their relationship, the lovers’ reactions to these problems change their lives in ways they might regret.

Kyle and April restart their band. Besides providing a good soundtrack and revealing Simon Miller as a talented singer, the songs help move the film along, flashing through scenes of falling in love or of betrayal and anger.

Justin Tensen smolders throughout the film, always keeping some of his emotions below the surface, yet convincing viewers that Kyle could instantly fall in love with him. He anchors the cast with his tender portrayal of a young man who just wants to stay in America and in his loving relationship.

Jane Elliott provides some of the film’s more comical moments, but also adds to its humanity and helps readers identify with both sides of the growing struggles between the two lovers. Rob Harmon, on the other hand, comes in like a gale force, manipulative and spiteful in his roles as April and Cole. The part of Cole involves a complicated twist in the film that I won’t give away.

All the cast members deliver solid performances, though I hope Andreas will also step back in front of the camera in the future. While he mostly focuses on drama this time around, he still entertains his audience and tells memorable stories. I look forward to seeing his upcoming films.

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