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At Night Comes Wolves

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A sheltered housewife abandons her marriage and her misogynistic husband, only to learn that he used to be the leader of a doomsday cult that she is about to join.

In this unnerving tale about misogyny, fate, and sexism comes a story about a woman who is about to change the world forever. After Leah Shaffer finally leaves her emotionally manipulative husband, she finds a friend in a drifter with whom she quickly feels a deep connection. The drifter introduces Leah to a prodigal chemist, and Leah learns her new friends are all that is left of a doomsday cult that disbanded years earlier. Together, the new trio is about to change the world, but before they can reveal their secrets, they have to tie up loose ends with Leah’s husband– and their ex-leader.

Rating: 3.5
Just OK!
Great Plot
Good Ending

A very surreal and haunting movie that can be a bit complicated to follow as it tends to bounce around from one scene to the next. it feels a bit like a play as seemingly random characters float in and out of scenes. The film tries to make a statement against male misogyny and the draw of a cult mentality, but the script is weak and the dialogue does not effectively press the point. A good effort for a low-budget, independent film.

AT NIGHT COMES WOLVES was written and directed by Thomas T.J. Marine. The film stars Gabi Alves, Jacob Allen Weldy, Vladimir Noel, and Sarah Serio. It has a running time of 77 minutes and will not be rated by the MPAA. Gravitas Ventures will release AT NIGHT COMES WOLVES on digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Fandango Now, and all major cable/satellite platforms on April 20.

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