Gifts That Give Back To Houston Universities

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As art program budgets across the country continue to dwindle, Austin-based, ArtStartArt has created an online marketplace to purchase artwork and give back to Houston university art programs in need.

How it works:

University-level artists submit and sell their art on the ArtStartArt marketplace. Each month ArtStartArt introduces a new collection of art, hand selected by knowledgeable curators. The art is only available for 1 month – it’s kind of like an art flash sale. Five percent of each purchase is donated back to that student’s university fine arts program.

ArtStartArt is working with these Houston schools: University of Houston and Rice University in addition to 10+ universities throughout Texas and the country.

Both Founders, Erik Culver and Alok Marwaha are born and raised in Houston.

“On our site, the students come first. We want to help art students hon in on their professional skills while still in school. These important skills include: how to price their work, how to talk about their work to potential buyers, and how to properly manage the logistics of shipping their artwork safely to buyers,” said Co-Founder, Alok Marwaha. “This is why we give back to the student’s art programs. By giving five percent of each sale, we’re doing our part to ensure the creative continue to create.”