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Deborah Cox Does the Impossible and Creates a New BodyGuard Hers Alone...The Bodyguard The Musical PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Scott Lewis   
Jul 21, 2017 at 12:00 AM

It's hard to believe it has been more than twenty years since legendary Arista Record head Clive Davis, the man with amazing ears introduced the world to Deborah Cox.  When he made this introduction in the early 90's he proclaimed he had found his next Whitney.  Listening to the velvet voice of this delicious singer/dancer/actress in the currecnt touring production of  The Bodyguard The Musical you easily understand why.

Davis' famous ears and uncanny ability to keep his finger on the pulse of where music tastes were headed have allowed him to discover and create or reinvented the careers of such illustrious ladies as most famously Whitney, but also the likes of Carly Simon, Taylor Dayne,  Jennifer Holliday, Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, Monica, Angie Stone, Toni Braxton, TLC, Faith Evans, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick and more.  So for him to place Cox in the same category as the greatest singer of the last generation is no small compliment.

The Bodyguard is part Broadway treatment of the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner Blockbuster Hit and part concert “Deborah Cox does Whitney's Greatest Hits”  The latter is reason enough to attend. The story follows a Cox's character Rachael Marron a character that closely mirrors Houston's career at the time of the movie release.  Multiple Grammy's, huge sell out concert tour, constant demand.  The difference a stalker.  A stalker that is so clever he is able to access her dressing rooms, her home, places that have been so secured it adds incredible fears that he is able to gain access without notice.

Her people clearly shaken bring in retired Secret Service Agent turned bodyguard Frank Farmer who really has no interest in a job guarding a celebrity.  He knows the type and the ego and has no interest in either.  A bit of arm twisting and he's on the job and soon animosity turns to love.  Throw in an incredibly talented albeit overshadowed sister and the story fills out.

Deborah Cox brings incredible rythym and spot on dance moves to the stage that something that was a tremendous weak spot for Houston.  It is a welcome change that makes the character more believeable in today's music maket.  Act one opens at a Rachael Marron concert.  With incredibly massive production and massive elaborate costuming and props and too many dancers to count I am reminded of a Janet Jackson concert.  The rest of Act One takes us down memory lane with a set of songs we know with updated arrangements that are simple and light and while different enough to allow Cox to make them her own they are not so changed that they take away from the nostalgia.  Some orchestrations are so simple that all that is needed is a piano and Deborah Cox, another few pieces will sneak in at some point but this allows focus to be on the beauty and clarity of her voice.  As a participant you will be able to bath yourself in the purity and beauty of these moments.  It is simple, uncomplicated, it is perfect.

The simple quiet somewhat restrained orchestrations are left behind to Act One.  Act two opens with a Tribute medley to Houston with snipets of songs that were not yet performed by Houston when the Movie was released.  It was a nice reminder of the incredible talents of Whitney Houston and just how much of a part of the fabric of our lives she was over so many years.  Many of the songs in this show are typically belted out.  This is not the case for most of Act One but fasten your seat belt for Act Two.

Seeing Deborah Cox perform these songs with the sets and dancers in itself is more than worth the cost of admission.  The production is a first tour which means insane budget for constumes, sets, etc.  This is all evident, all are exquisite.

Judson Mills, whose resume includes dozens of TV appearances most notably a recurring role on Walker, Texas Ranger stars as the bodyguard Frank Farmer and there is a definate connection between he and Cox.  This connection is so palatable you will find yourself rooting for them.

Jasmin Richardson as the overshadowed/overlooked sister rounds out the leads with a stellar performance and a quite strong voice of her own.  Her harmonizing with Cox is heavenly.

Whether a fan of Deborah Cox, a fan of the movie, looking for a little nostalgia or just a night out to forget it all The Bodyguard is a good option.  Movies to Broadway are a gamble, they typically are really good (Legally Blonde, The Producers, Hairspray) or really bad (Catch Me if You Can, Pricilla Queen of the Desert, 9 to 5).  The Bodyguard is efinately on the good side and if you see a performance with Deborah Cox it is great!

Cudos to Deborah...On the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the official marker of the beginning of the LGBT movement and the reson Pride is at the end of June Cox released “Let the World Be Ours Tonight”  A song written and released for Pride.  In doing so she becomes the first artist of her caliber that I know of to do this.  There are many mixes to choose from (She told me once, she wasn't really familiar with remixes when she started in the business but now will not do singles without them).  Check out one here...

The show runs at The Music Hall at Fair Park and runs through July 30th.  Tickets are $25-$125 and are available at Bodyguard Dallas Tickets.  The show then Heads over to the incredible Bass Hall in Fort Worth where it runs from $44.-$115. and are available at Bodyguard Fort Worth Tickets.  Deborah Cox is not perfoming at all performances.  She is not performing at weekend matinee's and a couple of other performances.  These performances are listed on the theater sites.  Be sure and check for this note before purchasing tickets.

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