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Gay Dating Apps to Improve Your Dating Efforts PDF Print E-mail
Oct 22, 2014 at 11:02 PM

Meeting guys in Dallas can be hard. While the scene is decent, prowling your favorite spots, like Woodys and Station 4, can only occasionally prove successful.And even then, you have to be ready to face rejection, so what's a man to do when he wants to go on a date?

You turn to your phone.

Since 2009, gay dating apps have been taking over the social space, giving gay men the chance to meet and connect with hot locals. Of course you know Grindr, one of the oldest gay-centric dating mobile apps out there, but do you know the others?

Don't limit yourself to one pool of eligible hotties, when you can be checking in larger breadth of quality men. You just have to know where to look.

Stagg came out late last year, positioning itself as the app that was geared towards men who wanted relationships. Fueled with less (but there still definitely there) dick picks and shirtless mirror photos, Stagg lets you find local men in your area, figure out where everyone is hanging out for the night, compare your profiles for compatibility, and even get to chatting. The app is free. However, don't be dismayed by the relationship positioning. You can just as easily find a hook up if that's what you're after.

Manhunt has been gracing the Internet world since 2001, when it became an online platform for users to create profiles and troll for hotties. It now lists itself as the largest gay hookup site. Regardless, the app that was birthed from the original site likes to tout the fact that their photos are now uncensored. This tidbit appears to be Manhunt's bread and butter. Use this app to locate singles in your area and find out who's checking you out.

Bender came on the scene a few years ago and set out to change the game aestheically and functionality wise. Bender allows you to do all the standard stuff like find and chat with local gays, but it also let's you translate any language, scope guys around the world, send videos and filter for certain types of dudes.

GuySpy functions both as an online social platform as well as an app. What's cool is that you can access GuySpy online and see guys in your area without even signing up or creating a profile. GuySpy gives you two options: free and upgrade. The free is going to allow you to scope out locals, send voice messages and videos. If you upgrade, you can see who has been looking at you, who has liked your photos and when your favorite guys come online. It's like AIM meets LinkedIn meets Grindr, heyo.

Jack'd offers the standard local singles thing, but it gives you an unique filtering section. You choose your scene, whether it twinks, bears, long term relationships, hook ups etc. This allows you to narrow the singles in your area into categories that you're down with. From there, you can get even more specific, like height, age, weight, ethnicity etc. So even the pickiest of you can find a dude that meets your unrealistically high standards.

So now that you know where you should be looking, what do you need to do to be successful? There are a few key factors to keep in mind when making your profile and messaging potential suitors.

1. Have a photo.
Yeah a naked pic is cool, but hello, are you hot? Let the world know. Don't post those grainy photos or photos that feature more than just you. That's just bad photo etiquette. Give us good face. Or go for something that shows you doing an activity you enjoy. As noted in this Adam & Eve blog post, an action shot can give your potential date a better idea of who you are and what you enjoy. Basically, it's a preemptive icebreaker!

2. Be clever.
Include something witty and coy in your profile, so that you can stand out. Don't make it overtly sexual by listing your favorite sex toys and hook up spots. We know you're on there to get laid, so leave a little something up to the imagination.

3. Be honest.
With that said, you do need to know your status. Are you clean? Are you drug free? Some dudes aren't trying to get with others who aren't D/D Free, so list if you are or aren't.

4. Communicate.
When messaging, don't just jump into the sex proposition. Take a few minutes to feel them out, chat 'em up, drop some compliments and make a few jokes. At the same time, you don't want to be a tease either. Don't leave them hanging, let them know if within a reasonable time frame if you're trying to hit or not.

Now get out there and see who you can meet.

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