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Written by Duane Simolke   
Nov 11, 2013 at 08:35 PM

Sean Paul Lockhart, formerly known under the pseudonym Brent Corrigan, stars in and directs a gay thriller. The action takes surprising turns throughout, with betrayals that justify the film’s title.

Soldier Chris Jensen (newcomer Jack Brockett) returns from Afghanistan broken. Jackie Tonwsend (Laura Reilly) seizes upon his desperation by asking him to kill Andrew Warner (Lockhart), the boyfriend of her deceased half-brother, Tyler. Her beauty and sexual advances won’t work on Chris, but he needs money and a home.

He orchestrates encounters with Andrew, and the attraction between them quickly ignites. The mixture of romance and danger helps keep the movie unpredictable, along with the constant plot twists. Flashbacks to Afghanistan reveal much more about the characters and their motivations.

Tellier Killaby plays Andrew’s best friend, Kendra. She tries to help him move on from Tyler’s death. Killaby’s performance not only provides humor and some touching moments but also lets us see Andrew’s vulnerability and fears.

One scene near the end might make viewers ask, “How could he not see that?” I can’t say which scene without giving away part of the ending. Still, most other disbelief can easily remain suspended amid the fast-paced thrills, great-looking cast, and slick production.

The script by Linda Andersson puts openly gay characters in action roles, instead of just showing them as victims or comic relief. It also provides consistent excitement.

Chad Siwik (pronounced Civic) provides music for the soundtrack and performs during a scene set in a bar. Siwik’s polished dance style fits well here. His video for Love Crush appears on the DVD and includes scenes from the film.

Sean Paul Lockhart’s film credits include Welcome to New York, Judas Kiss, Chillerama, The Big Gay Musical, In The Closet, and Another Gay Sequel. He will appear in the upcoming thrillers Truth and The Dark Place. He is also writing his autobiography, Incorrigible.

Viewers who enjoy Triple Crossed might also like the films of director Ron Oliver, especially his Donald Strachey Mysteries.

Triple Crossed. Distributed by TLA Releasing.

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Duane Simolke wrote Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure, Fat Diary, and The Acorn Stories.

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