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Written by Duane Simolke   
May 15, 2013 at 03:01 PM

Openly gay singer Ari Gold presents a career-spanning collection of remixes, all ideal for the dance floor or just bringing more energy to your day. Going from carefree to angry or passionate, Gold’s slick and stylish vocals blend with the fast beats and synthesizers.

Gold gives new intensity to familiar lyrics with his energetic nod to the Human League, “Human (Born 2 Make Mistakes) - Lost Daze Moroder Dub.”

“Wave Of U - 2013 R.E.mix” shows Gold’s romantic side while also revealing a vocal range that adds to the intensity of the beat.

“Love Wasn't Built in a Day feat. Dave Koz - Jared Jones Transport House Mix” blends a saxophone with beautiful vocals. Its message of working toward a better relationship makes it even more appealing.

Sarah Dash adds emotional backup vocals to “Sparkle-Jared Jones Inner-Diva Radio Mix.” While this track might seem tailor-made for drag queens, its inspiring message and feel-good sound should appeal to any dance music fans. As with many of the songs here, Gold encourages defiant self-confidence.

The new track “Details Of My Life” epitomizes that defiance. While some of his other songs confront judgmental attitudes, this one tears them apart.

“My Favorite Religion - HalfStyle HalfVeryJewish Remix” is even more emotional and inspiring than “Details Of My Life.” The music video caused a stir, with its look at faith and love. Gold grew up in an orthodox Jewish household and often speaks or writes about how people of faith react to homosexuality.

In 2010, Gold received official knighthood by the civil rights group Imperial Court of New York. He now goes by Sir Ari Gold, or simply Sir Ari. He has also received considerable recognition from Billboard, the Advocate, and many other publications, while also having more number one hits on the LOGO network than any other singer.

A listen to any of these catchy, fast-moving songs will reveal why his fans like him so much. Visit AriGold.Com to learn more.

Duane Simolke wrote Fat Diary and The Acorn Stories.

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