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Home arrow Home/Family arrow Gay Marriage arrow Gay Marriage arrow The French National Assembly voted to approve marriage with a vote of 331 to 225
The French National Assembly voted to approve marriage with a vote of 331 to 225 PDF Print E-mail
Apr 23, 2013 at 12:01 PM

Paris, France - Today the French National Assembly passed the final version of a bill that would allow gays and lesbians to marry in that country.

“This is a historic moment that the world should celebrate,” said Andre Banks, Executive Director and Co-founder of All Out,  the global movement for love and equality with more than 325,000 members in France who spoke out for marriage equality. “Once the constitutional court reviews the bill, and President Hollande signs the bill, loving and committed gay and lesbian couples will finally be able to marry in France.”

France will be the 14th country in the world to allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.

All Out members were actively engaged in passing the bill. More than 325,000 All Out members signed the largest petition for equality in French history and
delivered it directly to MPs. All Out members organized pro-marriage rallies in 17 cities throughout the country. Members also raised enough money to purchase an ad in Le Monde on the day of the Senate vote. The ad went viral online and reached a half a million people. Additionally, more than 1 million people saw an All Out celebration graphic online following the senate vote.

“I am very proud of All Out’s members who worked tirelessly to pass the freedom to marry bill in France,” Andre Banks said. “With more than 325,000 active voices, All Out’s members proved that the fight for love and equality is stronger than any threat of violence or anger. Love won today, and it will win time and time again as we continue to push for equality around the world.”

“This is a great day for France, and for the world,” Guillaume Bonnet, All Out’s Senior Campaigner for France said. “I’m proud my country will be a strong voice for freedom as All Out continues to work around the world for love and equality.”

To see the live signature totals from All Out’s petition visit:

About All Out:
All Out is bringing people together in every corner of the planet and of every identity - lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender and all that’s between and beyond - to build a world in which everyone can live freely and be embraced for who they are.

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