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Michelle Shocked’s anti-gay rant sparks outrage; online petition demands venues cancel gigs PDF Print E-mail
Mar 19, 2013 at 03:50 PM

There’s a breaking petition on Change.org that has rallied more than 1,450 people who want to hold musician Michelle Shocked accountable for an anti-gay tirade she went on during a performance in San Francisco this week.

Shocked, an American folk singer who previously toured on the all-women’s tour Lilith Fair, told an audience in SF that she lived in fear of same-sex marriage and paraphrased the Westboro Baptist Church, an anti-gay hate group, by declaring that "God hates fags."

In response to Shocked’s comments, LGBT rights activist John Becker started a petition on Change.org urging more than a dozen venues where Shocked was scheduled to perform to cancel their gigs with her.

Says John:
"Freedom of speech and artistic expression are critically important, but this isn't free speech. This is hate speech. And in a world where LGBT people are bullied from the pulpit, on the playground, and at the polls, anti-gay hate speech can have serious consequences including legitimizing bullying and hate crimes, and increasing victims' risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide."

So far, nine venues have canceled in response to Becker’s Change.org petition, while the Harmony Bar in Madison (WI) and the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Telluride (CO) have yet to respond.

You can view John Becker’s petition here:

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