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Stagg, Next-Gen Mobile Dating App for Gay Men Launches, Allows Users to Know More Than His Location PDF Print E-mail
Jan 02, 2013 at 08:36 PM

Washington, DC – Stagg, a new dating app for gay men, unveiling a next-generation mobile dating platform. Featuring never-before-seen technology to let users“Know More Than His Location,” Stagg streamlines the dating numbers game. It offers members instant opportunity to know what they have in common with other guys and to gauge the likelihood of feeling a spark in person. Download the app in the iTunes App Store, or to view screenshots showing Stagg’s innovative new technology and to find out additional information, please visit: www.staggapp.com

Stagg was designed partly in response to a nationwide survey of 537 gay men, showing that a large majority who use mobile dating apps use them in the hopes of finding long-term potential. Stagg overhauls mobile dating for gay men with state-of-the-art app technology that offers:

  • Best Fit Scores to reveal raw compatibility ratings between members.
  • Rep System showing a mashup of members’ interests, likes, and personality traits.
  • Sonar Technology, a new kind of mapping system to show moment-by-moment updates of a city's hot spots for mingling with guys in person.

"Knowing the distance between you and an attractive and available guy is great, but the next big step for apps is harnessing a smartphone’s ability to instantly run thousands of calculations to also reveal the potential for more," said Brad Brenner, Ph.D., co-founder of Stagg and a psychologist with a private practice in Washington, D.C. "In a drastically transformed dating landscape, gay guys want an updated mobile dating app, and with Stagg, we’ve utilized the latest technology to meet those demands.”

Brenner continued, "Friends joked with me that there needed to be an app that finds the sweet spot somewhere in between the delightfully slutty hookup-only apps and the sinfully boring matchmaking-style websites. They’re convinced of the need for something that captures the best of each. That guided our decision-making as we built Stagg."

The Stagg app is available for free on iPhones and can be downloaded in the App Store. Stagg's website at www.staggapp.com offers links to the free download, screen shots of the app, and additional information on the app's revolutionary functionality. Stagg will be released for the Android operating system at a later date.

"While first-generation mobile dating apps changed how gay men communicated and connected with each other almost overnight, Stagg distinctly advances the mobile dating experience," said Brenner. "It is undeniable that chemistry is key when seeking dates. Learning about compatible interests and traits – what makes a man unique – is now easier than ever before with Stagg."


Stagg is the next generation dating app just for gay men. With never-before-seen technology, Stagg makes dating smarter. For more information on Stagg or to download the app, visit http://www.staggapp.com, "like" Stagg on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/staggapp, or follow Stagg on Twitter @staggapp.

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