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The Men Next Door PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Duane Simolke   
Nov 26, 2012 at 09:00 PM

Doug (Eric Dean, star of Arizona Sky and Nine Lives) wants to celebrate his 40th birthday, but none of his friends show up. He listens to a string of excuses as we slowly meet more of the cast.

Unfortunately, Doug made no plans with Jacob (Michael Nicklin), the handsome fifty-year-old he recently started dating. After sending away a female stripper, Doug mistakes his new neighbor Colton (Benjamin Lutz) for a male stripper. Doug also finds him attractive. It turns out they also have a ten-year difference in ages, with Colton being the younger man this time.

Unfortunately, Jacob and Colton happen to be father and son, and Doug falls in love with them both. In the DVD extras, writer/director/producer Rob Williams explains that he wanted to explore the common tendency of May/December romances among gay men, but decided to add an unusual twist.

As with his other movies, Williams turns low-budget filmmaking into an interesting exploration of gay relationships. He also looks at relationships in general this time, and how we might keep various ones separated, such as coworkers, lovers, family, and friends.

The cast also includes Heidi Rhodes, Mark Cirillo, Christopher Schram, Rachel Alig, Devon Michael Jones, and David Alanson. Fans of independent and/or gay film will recognize most of the actors here. They all look like they’re having fun with the script’s funny lines and unpredictable plot twists.

Rodney Johnson co-produced this new feature from Guest House Films. He previously collaborated with Williams on several films, including one of my holiday favorites, Make The Yuletide Gay.

Distributed by Guest House Films.

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