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Jul 08, 2012 at 10:52 AM

Gay rights have never been more in the international spotlight, and as Global Pride kicks off in London this weekend, it is an opportunity to celebrate the unprecedented numbers of people who are connecting online to make real progress on rights for LGBT people. The international LGBT rights movement, AllOut.org, is celebrating along with millions of others the immense power that people have through the internet and social media tools like FaceBook and Twitter to achieve social change, and to push back against anti-LGBT state actions.

Many of these movements are led by courageous individuals who literally risk their lives in order to love who they choose, they are international and straight as well as gay. They are taking root in countries like Iraq, Uganda, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, and Brazil where identifying as LGBT is highly dangerous.

Rocketing forward at Internet speed, these movements gain global support using online petitions, videos and social media to create instant alliances around the world. 

In just a year-and-a-half since opening its doors, All Out has held campaigns in over 50 countries. Campaign highlights include:

-Mobilizing 20,000 in just hours to push back against a call for church-sanctioned stoning of pride marchers in Sofia, Bulgaria, just last week.

-Stalling Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” bill by gathering more than 500,000 online signatures, and contributing to tremendous global pressure. www.allout.org/uganda

-Russia, Silenced.  Starting a wildfire online campaign that generated over 250,000 signatures to stop a “gay gag rule” in St. Petersburg. www.allout.org/stpetersburg-dont-go

-Save Sergey! When Sergey Kondrashov openly defied the St. Petersburg gay gag order he promptly arrested. All Out shifted to a “Stand With Sergey” campaign. www.allout.org/standwithsergey

-Gave FIFA the “red card”. Nearly 50,000 people signed an online petition asking FIFA to speak out against homophobia in the league, which resulted in an investigation and first-ever public statement against homophobia. www.allout.org/fifa

-Brazil’s Equality Moms. The “Equality Moms” reclaimed public space in a dramatic photo exhibit in plazas in Rio, Brasilia, and Sao Paolo generating pro-LGBT press and public conversation in broadcast, online, and print outlets. www.allout.org/en/actions/maespelaigualdade

-Iraq Underground Railroad. Working with supportive Iraqis to create to relocate young “emo” men who were marked for death, getting several out of the country and to safe houses. http://www.allout.org/en/actions/operation_relocation

"These high-ompact movements are a testament to the power of online organizing for social change, especially in countries where there are real threats to the safety and lives, and legal rights, for LGBT people," said Andre Banks, AllOut's executive director. "Quite literally, this is the engine of the modern civil rights movement."  

All Out’s campaigns join thousands of like-minded individuals around the world to support human rights defenders standing up for the simple right to live openly and love who they choose. This year, All Out is ratcheting this movement forward with dozens of campaigns, with initiatives on marriage rights, LGBT human rights defense, and—most ambitiously—global decriminalization.

AllOut.org is a global movement for love and equality. 1,000,000 strong and in every country, 
AllOut.org is building a world where every person can live openly and love who they choose.

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