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Written by Scott Lewis   
Jun 27, 2012 at 12:00 AM

I am heading to see the Blue Man Group at Bass Hall.  I love going to the Bass for two reasons.  The quality of their offerings and their location. Situated in the middle of Sundance Square, you can park once and take in all Downtown Fort Worth has to offer.  Sundance has a vibe and energy unlike downtown in any other large city around the state.

I was also looking forward to checking out Five Guys Burgers, which after a year of talk has finally opened just three blocks from the theater.  There are many options for dinner within walking distance of the theater five guys is but one.  My impressions of Five Guys are on the other side.

Blue Man Group is a feast for the mind and senses.  The entire backdrop of the stage is a video wall and as over the top as that is, there is always more, but that is kind of the point.  BMG perfectly balances just plain silly fun with some pointed commentary on technology, social interaction and who we have become.  They offer great satire of the world we have created, and thereby us.

A highlight for me was two phone's texting to each other when one suggest they should consider a face to face meeting, true human interaction:  “Dude, your creeping me out”  Pushing forward for a meeting the audacious one finds they have been de-friended.  I found BMG's commentary on the too much is never enough world we find our self living in brilliant.

While there is a great amount of unwitting audience participation, the men never make fun of the person they have pulled into the show, actually they allow their guest to shine as bright as the men themselves.  Instead of taking the easy way and making the person they have pulled into the show the joke they share the spotlight with their guest.

There are also great moments of silly fun that comment on absolutely nothing like when the entire audience is guided through the essential moves needed when in a dance club.  No point, but a lot of fun.

The show ends with what I can only describe as how I remember circuit parties.  There were 2500 people dancing, the music is blaring and there are about two dozen twenty foot blinking balls being bounced overhead.  For just a bit I was twenty years younger and in the middle of a circuit party.

Blue Man Group is a banquet and the perfect escape from the non-stop world we live in.  Isn't it ironic that the show that so pointedly makes fun of our never ending addiction to technology provides the perfect escape from your i(fill in your addiction here).

Blue Man Group plays Bass Hall through Sunday.  Tickets are $35-99. and available at http://www.basshall.com/


North Texas has seen an influx of burger joints in the past year, each one the latest and greatest thing to happen to the area.  Five Guys Burgers is just the latest addition to the landscape with several locations I visited the brand new location in Sundance Square.

Five Guys is simple, limited and amazing.  They don't do a lot but what they do they do well.  Your options like at In & Out are pretty much burger or cheeseburger the options offered are what sets them apart.  The burgers are customizable with a myriad of toppings that are all free and including many items that other burger joints would charge you to add like grilled mushrooms.  The side options are fries and fries.  Regular or cajun either way you will not be disappointed.

The décor is the red and white combination that is a throw back to the décor popular in a fifties diner.  You know it, think every burger joint in the eighties.  The walls are covered with raves for the food on corrugated signs throughout.  Again red and white.  They should come up with something more current it was so painful I would recommend your food to go the décor made my eyebrows hurt.  However, we are not here for the décor it is the food that matters the food is as on point as the décor an unmitigated disaster.

Five Guys Burgers is located at 313 Houston Street in Sundance Square.  More info at http://www.fiveguys.com/

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