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American Idiot Is The Future Of Broadway PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Scott Lewis   
May 11, 2012 at 12:00 AM

Green Days American Idiot was the CD of a Generation, it came about when the band's completed tracks for the CD “Cigarettes & Valentines”.  Instead of rerecording they desided they wanted to create a rock opera inspired by The Who's “Tommy”  the completed project would prove equally important.

Scott J. Campbell and Nicci Claspell
Scott J. Campbell and Nicci Claspell

The CD tells the story of three disaffected young men, at the beginnings of their adult lives and the very different paths they take.  American Idiot is not your mama's Broadway.  It is non-stop, fast paced, high energy drama.  It is also not a family show, with heavy adult language and some explicit drug use, the show is definitely in your face.

To truly appreciate American Idiot you have to take yourself back about ten years and remember the turmoil and rage of that time.  With the prominence of the Iraq War in the plot along with other references I believe the American Idiot they refer to is George W. Bush.  The cost of the unnecessary war is illustrated chrystal clear here.

Scott J. Campbell, Van Hughes & Jake Epstein
Scott J. Campbell, Van Hughes and Jake Epstein

The Choreography and lighting are standouts and the harmonies this cast offers when singing as an ensemble are bone chilling.  The treatment of Green Day songs “Jesus of Suburbia”, “Extraordinary Girl” and “21 Guns” are standouts.

Van Hughes, Scott J. Campbell and Nicci Claspell
Van Hughes, Scott J. Campbell and Nicci Claspell

This type of bold and atypical Musical is exactly what must be the future of Broadway.  As nice as Show Boat and Guys and Dolls are, the audience for traditional is shrinking if for no other reason than the change in musical tastes.  Broadway must evolve with the times.  Here they have offered a perfect example of what the Great White Way must offer to stay relevant.

The Winspear Opera House is the theater above all others that reflects this in their programming.  While offering traditional Broadway fare, their mix includes innovative, dare I say ground breaking theater. Shows like American Idiot and their last Broadway offering In The Heights are putting Dallas at the forefront of American Theater and achieving what was the not so unspoken goal of the AT&T Performing Arts Center-being second only to New York in the minds of all when thinking of where to go for the best in American Theater.

Tickets to American Idiot are $30-$150 and available at http://www.attpac.org/ The show plays through Sunday, May 20th.

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