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Tigers Be Still...Dysfunction Is Funny! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Scott Lewis   
Mar 13, 2012 at 09:08 PM

Sherry and Grace live with their mother, and each is suffering from their own dysfunctional affliction.  Neither have seen their mother in months, as she has gained a lot of weight as a result of medication that she has been put on for an illness.  Not wanting to be seen by anyone she has locked herself in her room and will only communicate with her daughters by phone, even though she is only upstairs.

Grace has been dumped by her fiance and to say she is not taking it well would be, well a huge understatement.  Grace is comforted only by Jack Daniels by watching Top Gun over and over and over on the living room sofa from which she rarely leaves.

Then there is Sherry, she is our guide to the dysfunction both in and out of her home.  She has been on that sofa with Grace for a while now, but with the help of her mother she has landed a job as a high school substitute teacher and art therapist.

The school principle, his son and their recent loss of their wife/mother add to the drama.  Oh, and did I mention there is a tiger on the loose? While this sounds like it would be a quite serious night at the theater, quite the contrary.  Tigers Be Still is hysterically funny and not only will you leave the Wyly Theater tiny studio space laughing, you will probably also realize you don't have it that bad.  This play has a lot of heart, and with tickets starting at only $15.00 there is no excuse to not enjoy a night out at the amazing new Wyly Theater downtown Dallas.  The Studio space seats about 100 so there are no bad seats.

Playwright Kim Rosenstock has given us a play that will have you feeling many emotions, but I promise you will leave the theater in a better place than when you entered.  I was very happy to hear that the Dallas Theater Center is partnering with Rosenstock on an original production for a future season.

The cast of four do a great job drawing you in, Christopher Sykes as Zack Sherry's first therapy patient really draws you into the tragedy that has befallen his young life, but also delivers some of the biggest laughs of the night.  While the entire cast delivers this play solidly belongs to Aliesha Force as Grace, her drunken depravity is hysterical, and I would go see this play again just to watch her.

Tigers Be Still Plays at the Wyly's Studio Theater Downtown Dallas through May 13th Tickets are $15.-$60.  Enjoy a night out in fabulous Downtown Dallas, check out Smash Buger on McKinney, take in Tigers Be Still and finish off the night at Chocolate Secrets on Oak Lawn.  You will be glad you did!

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