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Written by Scott Lewis   
Feb 10, 2012 at 08:57 PM

The way people like to explain Dixie's Tupperware Party is that it is “Not your mothers' Tupperware Party!”  Well, How could it be, unless your mother was white trash (wait there's more) who was forced to take her trailer and her children out of Alabama as a condition of her parole.

It was her parole officer “an adorable Lesbian”, who suggested she sell Tupperware.  “she said, 'you need a job to get your kids back!'”  The fact this job was actually a party and that she could set her own hours made it a no brainer for the mother of three.    It only took one party and a bit of liquor to seal the deal.  “I got pretty cock-tailed, then I said....wait!  I can get free drinks at work!”  She was having fun and demand for her to do parties continued to grow.  From a few parties around L.A. to parties nationwide, and stint off Broadway (I think Jersey?), Dixie has grown to become the top seller of Tupperware in the U. S.   I wondered about the challenges of being a single mother who travels so much.

The kids do not travel with Dixie, but they are well cared for.  “I call the trailer about once a week and make sure that they are still chained to the front door.  I see them on the holidays and that's fine.”

Dixie's precious three include Absorbine, Jr.  who is three.  “He hasn't learned to talk yet, but I think that is lucky.  All I am trying to teach him right now is how to mix a cocktail.” Dwayne, who is ten,  is a redhead like his mama, and a “Spitfire”.  Finally there's
Wynona, she is 16-and doing really well at the local KFC.  “Her manager just loves her, she is always working late helping out.  Sometimes she works till 5am, which is weird cause they close at Midnight.”  Dixie thinks Wynona is really climbing the corporate ladder, I agree, and I imagine her boss is holding the ladder.  Dixie says that Wynona and her manager at the KFC “work really well together, they must talk a lot though, cause her jaw is always achey.”  You can begin to see where this show is going to take you.

Dixie has been married three times,  all three have  passed away under mysterious circumstances.  I wondered if Dixie is a Black Widow?  “I think they  call that African American Widow now.”  She informed me, “I cried the appropriate amount of time, that they told me to.  And then I went to the bar.”

I wondered about the welfare of Dixie's kids, all three having had their father pass.  Never fear, None of Dixie's husbands were father to any of her kids, so there is a chance, however slim that maybe one of their fathers will someday surface.  You will learn all of this and so much more about Dixie, her kids, dead husbands and most importantly all the ways your life will be made easier when you bring Tupperware into it at Dixie's Tupperware Party.

I was at opening night last year for a week of sold out shows at Bass Hall's McDavid Theatre.  This is a more intimate space that holds about three hundred.  The first thing you need to know-as Dixie will point out-this is a real Tupperware Party.  The next thing you need to know is nothing you have ever heard about or experienced at a Tupperware Party is applicable here.

One of the things I found most fun at this show was all the women who were here for a “girls night out”.  The theater was filled with groups of women throwing back cocktails and wine, laughing and gossiping, much like what a Tupperware Party must have been like back in the day, but this one is hysterical.  While this is not your mothers Tupperware Party, I would highly encourage you to take you mother, she will love this modern spin while being reminded of a simpler time when women would gather in a living room and catch up on all the local gossip and learn all about better storage solutions.  I can't think of anyone that won't laugh til they hurt, just make sure they are not to sensitive, there is a chance they maybe called a hooker.  Dixie calls everyone hooker.

Dixie's Tupperware Party
plays Fort Wroth's Bass Halls' McDavid Studio Tuesday, February 14th through Sunday, February 26th.  Tickets are $22-$38.50 depending on the night, and are available at basshall.com Seating is general admission, so if you are putting a group together, you don't have to but your tickets together to sit together.  This is a night you will be laughing about for weeks, so go, and for goodness sake, buy some tupperware.  She has three kids and no child support.

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