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Man 2 Man: A Gay Man’s Guide to Finding Love PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Duane Simolke   
Feb 09, 2012 at 12:41 AM

A new documentary from journalist Christopher Hines examines attempts by gay men to find and keep true love. It arrives on DVD this Valentine’s Day.

Man 2 Man features interviews from a variety of gay men. One of them, Alan Downs, wrote the book Velvet Rage: Growing Up Gay in a Straight Man’s World. In the interview footage, Downs looks honestly at how negative images and messages gays receive from the people they trust and admire make it difficult to see themselves as worthy of a lasting, loving relationship.

Comedian Ant provides levity to a largely serious film, but also provides surprising insight into the sometimes unrealistic expectations of gay men. Some of his best comments actually appear in the DVD extras.

Other interview subjects range from psychologists to couples and single men, as well as matchmakers, web site owners, and even the creator of Grindr. The interviews show not only the diversity of the gay male community but also a diversity in what gay men want from a relationship. Hines presents it all in a nonjudgmental manner, letting the men speak openly about what they see as working and not working.

Despite the frustrations and failures Hines captures at times, he also includes positive and hopeful messages about gay men finding true love. His film shows how gay relationships vary, and how approaches to a successful relationship can differ according to the individuals involved.

I suggest Man 2 Man for any gay men who want to find or strengthen romantic relationships, as well as for anyone who wants to understand what life is like for gay men. The fast pace, the mixture of perspectives, and the frank talk turn Man 2 Man into an interesting conversation that should spark more conversations.

Christopher Hines also directed The Butch Factor and The Adonis Factor for his film company, Rogue Culture. His film Legalize Gay will premiere soon on Logo.

Duane Simolke’s video Gay Love Poem has received over a quarter of a million views on YouTube.

Buy the movie: Man 2 Man: A Gay Man's Guide to Finding Love

User Comments

Comment by Trust on 2012-06-30 19:52:00
Gordon bleeding Bennett, this seems to be quite a poapulr topic here.Gay men are attracted to men and a man's appearance doesn't detract anything from his gender, so a gay man who is attracted to feminine men is attracted to the man beneath the outer appearance.

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