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User Rating: / 10
Written by Duane Simolke   
Nov 13, 2011 at 07:50 AM

Set in 1982 at a Texas university, Longhorns draws its laughs from several intertwining lives. Stage and short film actor Jacob Newton plays Kevin, a young Texas college student who lives in denial about his gay identity, even while constantly acting upon his feelings. Derek Villanueva—from the upcoming web series Fabulous High—plays Cesar, a gay man who is decidedly open about his orientation, which makes Kevin both interested and uncomfortable. Kevin flirts with Cesar, while telling himself that Cesar makes all the advances.

Kevin’s college buddy Justin (Kevin Held) clashes with Cesar while pursuing Cesar’s best friend, Marsha (Bonnie Marion). The tangled lives of the four characters provide humor and occasionally touching scenes.

It all becomes even more complicated when Kevin flees his budding relationship with Cesar for a getaway weekend with his two best friends. Dylan Vox (from The Lair, Homewrecker, and Vampire Boys) plays Steve, who enables Kevin’s closet games by taking advantage of him. Writer/actor Stephen Matzke plays Daniel, not Danny. Matzke’s facial expressions and adorable awkwardness give the film even more heart and humor.

When plans with their girlfriends collapse, Kevin finds himself alone with his buddies and his thoughts. The entire film leans toward raciness and silliness, but always with an affectionate look at the characters, making it funny and charming.

Writer/director David Lewis previously made the dramas Rock Haven and Redwoods. Producer H.P. Mendoza also directed the musical Fruit Fly; he provided original music for Longhorns and several other films. Producer Lewis Tice also worked as a producer for Bear City and has helped market numerous TLA Releasing films.

Duane Simolke wrote about Texas comedy, drama, and closet cases in THE ACORN STORIES

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