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Joan Rivers Brings F!@#$*% No Holes Barred Rant to Fort Worth PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Scott Lewis   
Nov 03, 2011 at 05:35 PM

Joan Rivers brought her take on everything and everyone to Fort Worth's Bass Hall this week and from the minute she hit the stage it was a non stop ride that should have come with a requirement to buckle up.

At Seventy Eight Rivers shows no signs of aging, not just because of all the plastic surgery, which is extreme in person, but her energy is limitless.

Rivers told stories of her inside knowledge of headline grabbing events.  She also shared information she is privy to because of her close association with so many celebrities, everyone she spoke of was her best friend.

She started her show with the insistence that two gay men come fill two empty seats in the front row.  She loves gay men she explained, “Gay men will laugh at anything, just don't mention Liza or Barbara.”

And with that she was off....She talked of her love of anal sex, that is not a misprint.  “You can double task, I can check my e-mail.”  Her loathing of funerals, “They always say he is in a better place.  Don't lie to me he had a house in The Hampton's.”  And her pity for ugly people.  “I don't care how good a blow job you give, eventually they are going to look up.”

No celebrity was off limits as she shared her hysterical take on one after another.  Martha Stewart:  “Is she here?  She will be standing in the back somewhere.  She can't sit down because she has a giant stick up her ass!”  On Cher, “She has had so much botox, she has been declared dead four times.”  A bit ironic isn't it Joan?  Tom Cruise, “He has been in the closet so long I am going to give him to Goodwill.”  She wants Octomom to move to her hometown of New York City, “If there is a terrorist attack we can hide in her uterus.”

Rivers was a ground breaking comedian who along with Phyllis Diller broke open the art of stand up comedy for women.  Honestly, Kathy Griffin is just Joan's Act done for a younger crowd.  Rivers' proved why she is still a force to be reckoned with some forty five years since she first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show.

Coming to the Bass, Shrek...The Musical November 8-13th.  This show is animation come to life, and is fun for the kid in all of us.  Irving Berlin's White Christmas plays November 29th-December 4th and is a holiday must.  More information at http://www.basshall.com/

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