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A new website to help gay travelers PDF Print E-mail
Aug 10, 2011 at 02:31 PM

Gay-ville.com will help you rent, compare and even sublet gay-friendly properties for ever-cheaper travel

Many times we find ourselves having trouble finding reasonable accommodations when we travel. The options are usually expensive, and they don't always fit with the average gay traveler’s needs in terms of location, facilities, and a friendly attitude.

Gay-ville.com is a new website, launched in early June this year. Its goal is simple: to make gay tourism easier and less expensive, enabling gay people to travel as frequently and freely as they would like.

How does it work? The website provides a platform of services for the gay tourist in the world’s most popular gay destinations. It focuses only on gay-friendly cities, which attract massive numbers of gay tourists all year round such as New York, Berlin, Madrid, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, and Barcelona among others.

The website is primarily dedicated to finding accommodations in these big cities. Hotel prices there are usually not cheap at all, especially in the center of the city and/or the gay area and during the high season, and all the more so during a gay event (such as pride or a festival) when hotels are overpriced and overbooked.

Gay-ville.com allows anyone anywhere to publish his own apartment or a room in his apartment for sublet. For example, if Dave from NYC wants to go on vacation in Barcelona, he can sublet his apartment to another gay guy in the interim, thus saving the accommodation expenses of his trip. In Barcelona he has the option to rent an apartment from Pedro, who lives there (he doesn't have to – it's not an apartment swap website), and it will cost him less than a hotel.

Philip, from London, who recently rented an apartment in Tel Aviv said: "I rented an apartment through Gay-ville for Gay Pride. The apartment was located in the center of town, the heart of the gay area, 5 minutes from the gay beach. You could notice that a gay guy lives there… Everything was so aesthetic and clean. The host, Danny, was very friendly and resourceful. When he gave us the keys he also helped us get oriented in the city. We even found out we had common friends and went out to a drink one night together! It felt like home."

Many gay men prefer apartments over hotels also because they enjoy travelling in groups of friends, and you feel more at home when you are in an apartment, especially if the owner is gay himself or gay friendly. Nobody likes to go on vacation where he’s given the eye when he brings a date back to the hotel room, or when staying in an apartment of someone who isn’t gay friendly. It ruins the entire vacation.

As mentioned before, there is also the option of subletting a room in an apartment. This gives an added value to a guest staying in a new city. He can consult with the host on where to go and what to do. Sometimes even friendships develop between guests and hosts. This feature also helps the host to pay his rent, which is generally quite expensive in big cities and in the gay area.

Gay-ville, however, is not only about low-cost accommodations. Accommodations vary from the most basic and cheap to quite luxurious and expensive. It all depends what you are looking for.

Beyond accommodations, Gay-ville provides you with all the necessary information about your destination: what to see and what to do, where the gay area is, how liberal is the city, which events and parties are taking place during your stay, gaymaps, transportation guides, tips about the city from local gays, and a local gay lingo. Eliad Cohen, Gay-ville's VP Business Development: "We were surprised by the amount of new users in the website, who joined in a short period of time. We are certain that the website will soon grow to be one of the leading key players in the international gay travel scene, for the benefit of gays everywhere around the world."

For more information please visit our website: www.Gay-ville.com and our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheGayville

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