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Violet Tendencies PDF Print E-mail
Written by Duane Simolke   
May 20, 2011 at 04:10 AM

Director Casper Andreas and writer Jesse Archer (both from A Four Letter Word) team up for another comedy, this time playing supporting roles in a film that stars Mindy Cohn as the last of the fag hags in a large group of gay friends. Cohn, known first as Natalie from TV’s The Facts of Life but now as a stage and voice-over performer, carries the movie well with her bluntness and charm.

Archer’s script relies on a mixture of comic timing, awkwardness, and crudity, but mostly just likeable characters. In fact, even the meanest or most manipulative characters evoke sympathy or win over the audience in some way. Unfortunately, some of the scenes feel too desperate in attempts to make the audience laugh or care.

As Violet, Cohn keeps trying to find love through the dating site Frisky Friends. Her gay friends shower her with attention, but she begins to wonder if they hold her back, especially after a new suitor (played by Armand Anthony) enters the scene. Her dates provide some of the film’s biggest laughs, but they also reveal how she tends to sabotage her chances at fully connecting with someone.

The film rarely gets too deep or serious, looking instead at some of the more outrageous antics of its characters. However, it reveals how much friends can mean to each other.

The other roles also receive loving treatment from the actors, including Marcus Patrick as a surprisingly well-grounded go-go dancer. Samuel Whitten and Adrian Armas are both in relationships that take discomforting directions. Kim Allen plays a snobbish but funny co-worker who doles out advice to Violet.

Coming up next for Andreas and Archer, a film adaptation of Going Down in LA-LA Land. Novelist Andy Zeffer explored Hollywood in that gay-themed novel.

Distributed by Embrem Entertainment.

Duane Simolke wrote Degranon: A Science Fiction Adventure and The Acorn Stories.

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