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New book explores why decision to be child free is rising PDF Print E-mail
Jan 17, 2011 at 06:21 AM

No Way Baby! by Karen Foster offers a look into the enduring misconceptions about people who choose not to have children

PORTLAND, Ore. (MMD Newswire) January 10, 2011 -- No Way Baby! Exploring, Understanding, and Defending the Decision NOT to Have Children by Karen Foster provides her narrative along with personal insights from more than 50 childless-by-choice adults in support of those considering that option and their loved ones who still don't understand.

No Way Baby! presents the argument that the image of the ideal American family and the reality of what it takes to have a family in modern society are very different stories. Supported by research, Foster explores the myths and realities of childrearing and stresses her view that on an overpopulated planet, having children should be a choice rather than an expectation. No Way Baby! hopes to help readers find peace in the decision to not reproduce and understand that child-free adults make a valuable contribution to society.

Frustrated by the conventional strains that still have men and women convinced they must follow the path of "growing up, getting married and having children," Foster was inspired to pen her views that the conventional path was no longer relevant for everyone. She questions the reasons why women and men may encounter discrimination, shunning and constant nagging from friends and family simply because they have decided to not have children. No Way Baby! aims to create a positive impression of the child-free option and take apart the criticisms often geared toward them.

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About the Author
Karen Foster holds a degree in clinical psychology from San Francisco State University. After spending years working in human services organizations, Foster relocated to Portland to start her own business as a speaker and coach. Foster is a professional development trainer who travels across the country working to inspire others.

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