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Is It Just Me? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Duane Simolke   
Sep 10, 2010 at 10:28 AM

Writer/director JC Calciano presents a romantic comedy about a writer in Los Angeles who sees himself as too average and unappealing to attract the right man. Nicholas Downs—an actor with credits from Young and the Restless, Cold Case, and many other TV shows—plays the awkward and insecure Blaine. Using a pseudonym, he writes a column for the free newspaper USA To-Gay, venting his frustrations with the local gay scene and his inability to start a successful relationship.

In a chance encounter, he receives a surprising courtesy from the handsome Texan Xander. David Loren (House, Harper’s Globe, The Mentalist, etc.) avoids a stereotypical portrayal of either gay men or Texans. At the same time, his character toys with stereotypes of both and intentionally plays against them.

Blaine and Xander both have gay male roommates with good intentions. Blaine’s go-go dancer roommate (Cameron, played by Adam Huss) wants Blaine to show more nerve, and to face the obstacles he encounters. Xander’s older and lonely roommate (Ernie, played by Bruce Gray) becomes a parental figure, full of humor and good advice.

Xander and Blaine eventually begin communicating, but only online and on the phone, not realizing they previously saw each other. Unfortunately, when Xander tries to look up Blaine’s Facebook photo, Cameron is logged onto Blaine’s account. Instead of explaining the mix-up, Blaine keeps making it worse, threatening to derail a potential love story.

Blaine’s best friend (played by Michelle Laurent) provides a counterpoint to some of the bad ideas that both Blaine and Cameron come up with, and reveals that heterosexuals have just as much trouble with relationships as gays. Unfortunately, she also offers some terrible guidance, and no one can fix Blaine’s problems but Blaine.

A strong cast and an engaging story help convey the universal frustrations of not only meeting but also settling down with the right person. Is It Just Me? offers humor and heart, demanding repeated viewing.



Is It Just Me? Distributed by TLA Releasing.

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