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Bed Bugs Attack Singer Lauren Hildebrandt at NYC Luxury Hotel PDF Print E-mail
Aug 31, 2010 at 09:11 AM

Media Giants - West Hollywood, CA (August 31, 2010) *** Pop-dance songstress Lauren Hildebrandt is speaking out about one of the biggest current fears NYC travelers are dealing with – bed bugs.  While on a recent radio and press tour in Manhattan to promote her current dance radio hit “Underneath,” Hildebrandt stayed several nights at a luxurious upscale “retreat” hotel in Union Square. To her great surprise, her hotel bed was infested with bed bugs. Painful and unsightly bites appeared all over Hildebrandt’s back and shoulders.

“Going through this experience with bed bugs at such a wonderful hotel was something I have never even imagined could happen. People should be aware of the danger in NYC hotels right now,” stated Hildebrandt. “The bites were so itchy. I couldn't sleep at night, because I kept thinking they were in my bed. I was unable to wear a bathing suit or even a tank top during this hot summer! I do have photos of the bites. But, they might seriously gross people out!”

The name of the hotel, where this bed bug incident occurred, is being withheld while the case is being investigated. Hildebrandt’s mother and manager, Mary Maguire, was traveling with the singer at the time.

“I will say, in the hotel’s defense, that they have been very good in their response to the situation so far. They claimed it was an early infestation,” stated Maguire. “Even so, I am really freaked out about bed bugs while traveling now.”

Hildebrandt does not blame the hotel at all, since they both are victims in this bed bug outbreak. The hotel’s management did explain that they are diligent in this fight against the pesky critters. Their staff conducts weekly checks with dogs, as well as management spot checks. What struck Hildebrandt and Maguire most, was that even the upscale hotels can host the bed bugs.

“The traveler has to be diligent,” adds Hildebrandt. “I travel constantly, as it is a huge part of my profession. I will now always look at my hotel bed before agreeing to take the room. I will not place a suitcase on the bed, ever. I will also pack items in plastic bags. I’ll do everything I can to take precautions from now on.”

Maguire is much more concerned out about this incident and the natinal bed bug problem and has cancelled a December holiday because she just wants to be in her "
own bed."

This summer, bed bug infestations have shut down the AMC Times Square movie theatre, countless Midtown retail stores, the New York Public Library's Mid-Manhattan branch, offices for CNN and Elle magazine as well as Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch stores in the Soho district.

Lauren Hildebrandt first appeared on the mainstream with her top finalist run on Debbie Allen’s “Fame,” which aired on NBC. She sang back-up vocals on the Sharon Stone charity single, “Come Together” and also appeared in the video. Hildy also danced in the Black Eyed Peas “Bebot” video as one of Fergie’s “dime girl” dancers. Hildy made a huge splash in the dance world with her debut single titled “Burnin’ Out,” which hit #5 on the Billboard club play chart. The “Burnin’ Out” video, directed by Black Eyed Peas director Patricio Ginsela, helped establish her as one of the hottest newcomers on the scene. The unbelievable popularity of Lauren Hildebrandt’s first single led to a coveted nomination as “Best New Dance Artist” in 2006 against Rihanna and Cascada at the International Dance Music Awards. Soon after, Lauren released the successful club hits “Dance With You” and “My Life Again” in succession. Both dance singles went top 20 on the Billboard club charts and Lauren continued to appear everywhere from Honolulu’s famous Pipeline Café to clubs in New York and Miami. Today, Hildy is making a splash on the mainstream scene with her debut album “Not Really a Waitress,” which features five tracks co-written by Lauren herself. Her first Billboard charting single from the album, “Boyshorts,” was followed up with the release of “Underneath,” in Summer 2010.

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