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CanDoBetter.com Survey Reveals What The Youth Of America Would Do To Get Ahead PDF Print E-mail
Aug 25, 2010 at 10:35 AM

64% of Woman Would Make A Sex Video Public to Get Ahead

PLAINVIEW, NY (8/24/10) – Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton have seen success after the release of a sex tape, but will the same recipe work for Montana Fishburne? CanDoBetter.com, a social networking and dating website which lets the world decide if your relationship is a perfect match, reveals the results of its nationwide youth survey.

polled more than 2800 members and discovered just how different Generation Y really is compared to their parents. The survey revealed 64 percent of women would make a sex video or take nude photos to break into a career – 74 percent agreed with Montana Fishburne releasing a sex video and 36 percent would blackmail a boss or co-worker to get a promotion.

Along with the survey, we noticed some interesting trends that men were readily admitting too.  Compared to women, only 42 percent of men would make a sex video public to get a promotion or break into a career. Here are some other results:

Other points of interest:

45% of women would sleep with their teacher to pass a class

58% of men would buy their boss an expensive gift to get ahead

36% of women would blackmail a co-worker or boss to get ahead

74% of men and women agree with Montana Fishburne, and would release a sex tape to break into a career

“It’s true that a lot of famous people had career success after making a sex tape, but the most successful ones were released without their consent,” said Dino Luzzi, CEO of Blast Applications.com. "Look what's in the news now, Spencer Pratt is trying to release a sex tape of his wife Heidi Montag. We’ll wait and see if this helps boost her failing music career and image."

Vivid Video in a recent press release wrote, “Responding to unprecedented demand from consumers and retailers, Vivid Entertainment has decided to advance the release of an XXX movie starring Montana Fishburne by eight days.”

About CanDoBetter.com
CanDoBetter.com is a social networking and dating website that lets the world decide if your relationship is a perfect match. Headquartered in New York City, CanDoBetter.com allows savvy singles to let the world decide if their dating partner is a perfect match. CanDoBetter.com is owned by Blast Applications, Inc., a premier creator and developer of applications for iPhone®, Twitter® and Facebook. For more information visit www.CanDoBetter.com.

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