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Confessions of a New York Rent Boy- New York escort Hunter Andrews controversial and personal blog PDF Print E-mail
Aug 16, 2010 at 08:14 AM

New York escort Hunter Andrews’, controversial and personal blog highlighting and enlightening the public of the world’s oldest profession.


New York, New York, August 14, 2010- If Carrie Bradshaw were a prostitute, this would be her blog. Aside from making a lucrative living by sleeping with nearly 1,000 men, 25 year old Hunter Andrews salacious blog doesn’t focus merely on the cheap thrills of explicit sexual content, but a universal connection- love. With a highly exclusive clientele of celebrities, public figures and more, Andrews digs deeper into the human psyche as he goes on his journey living and dating in Manhattan, detailing each encounter.

While Andrews’ romantic rendezvous with Client #8 (a famous New York fashion designer who occupies his time at a swanky SoHo hotel) are controversial and enticing, readers identify with Andrews as he details the strong emotional connection of their relationship. In one of his entries appropriately titled, “Misery Loves Company,” he details their bond.

“I saw a man who is highly sought after and admired. A man who is torn apart by tabloid bullshit. A man who has more money than he can spend. And yet I saw a man worried, sad and hurt. A man alone and not willing to trust anyone. And sadly I sat there and saw myself in him as well.”

The most impressive, his latest entry concerning the science of love, showcasing Andrews' intelligence, brought his readers to tears. Andrew vividly illustrates his off-the-clock friendship with a previous client, linking it to the Barbra Streisand movie
The Way We Were, and endorphins.

“While in my shower, I got to thinking about love and our chemical dependency in regards to love. Then I started thinking about endorphins. According to Michel Odent of London's Primal Health Research Center, endorphins induce a "drug-like dependency." Like any drug, endorphins act as a painkiller, suppressing the feeling of discomfort. Allowing us to feel soothed, peaceful and at ease. So, if it really is true what my Biology teacher said, are we as humans trying feverishly to regain the feeling of happiness we had as a child? If in fact Odent is correct and endorphins are like drugs, are we chasing the high? And if so, how do we soften the withdrawals?”

During Andrews first week of launching his blog, he drew in an astonishing 15,000 page views of prospective readers, ranging from a dynamic demographic. His readers have stated on numerous occasions their love for the blog. Allowing us as humans to understand, while we are all different, we are very much like the same when it comes to our quest for love and acceptance.

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