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Jul 22, 2010 at 10:43 AM

July 22, 2010 (Austin, TX).  Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) stands together with The Transgender Center in Houston along with the legal team lead by Phyllis Randolph Frye in calling the community to step forward to help change history.  Nikki Araguz was married to a Wharton County firefighter killed in the line of duty.  His family is now taking this very personal and grief filled time to attack Ms Araguz.  Using the Littleton v Prange decision, they are trying to deny her rights as the spouse of this American Hero,  saying their marriage was never valid.

Not only, is this deplorable for its timing by injecting hate and intolerance into a personal tragedy, but it also brings to light the unending vitriol raised against Trans people in our society.  Since the ruling in 1999 the decision in Littleton v. Prange  has been used to deny Trans people their rights on many fronts - not just in marriage.  The family of Mr Araguz have shown insensitivity and greed in their attacks on a valid marriage.

TENT calls on the ENTIRE LGBT community to step forward and help.  Executive Director, Lisa Scheps said, "The queer community as a whole needs to step up and fight hard alongside Nikki and her supporters to see some real change in this country... Change for the better.  I urge everyone to reach into their heart and help both in the legal defense as well as the financial and emotional support that Nikki needs right now."   Ms Araguz needs support as her assets have been frozen and the Transgender Center in Houston (
http://www.tgctr.org) has stepped up to fill that need.  Please help them with a donation by sending a check to:

Transgender Foundation of America
604 Pacific
Houston, TX 77006

Make checks payable to Transgender Foundation of America.  Please make sure to note that the payment is for the TG Center Nikki Araguz Fund.

Credit card contributions can be made using the following link:

Phyllis Randolph Frye as been retained as council and is donating much of her firms resources to this fight.  This is very likely to be a landmark case for the Transgender community and may find its way to the United States Supreme Court.  Contributions are needed to keep the support going.  Please visit
Frye and Associates for more information about how you can help.

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Comment by Ball on 2012-03-29 08:28:59
Stevie Lee nailed it! We all know that anciots speak louder than words. Culture Change, we are told, is the way of the future in nursing homes. Until we have compassionate & caring individuals across the board caring for our elderly whether they are in a nursing home or still living in the community, culture change will never become a reality. Some nursing homes believe they have welcomed culture change because they gave their halls a face lift with some paint, pictures and a new name. (Hall 100 is now called Lavender Street.) That is NOT culture change. Culture change is when you treat every individual, i.e., black, white, pink, purple, straight, gay, bisexual or transgendered with the same dignity and respect that you, the Administrator, Director of Nursing, Dir. of SS, RN, LPN, CMT, CNA, Housekeeping & Laundry personnel, Maintenance man, etc .would expect and want to be treated. These are human beings that can no longer care for themselves and they have turned to the professionals for assistance. They are trusting these professionals to care for them. We tell our residents that this is there home and they have rights. Yet, some are still told what time to get up in the morning and what time they are to go to bed a night. Residents that need total assistance are dressed in what ever combination of clothing their CNA happens to find in their closet or drawer whether the colors go together or not whether the zipper works or not- stained shirts and pants, ripped waist lines from being pulled by staff when being transferred need I go on? KNOW YOUR RESIDENTS! Listen to what they are saying. Pay attention to how they maybe feeling. DO NOT dismiss them because they're eldery or suffer from dementia or a mental illness. Remember this; a need for Long Term Care shows no discrimination against age, color, sexual orientation or economic status. Nursing homes are being filled with younger, diverse individuals everyday. I probably need to stop here.

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