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Dr. Glenda Corwin Helps Women Dispel Lesbian Bed Death in "Sexual Intimacy for Women" PDF Print E-mail
May 26, 2010 at 10:55 AM

Sexual Intimacy for Women

A Helpful Guide to Sexual Intimacy for Same-Sex Couples

By Glenda Corwin PHD

Sexual intimacy is hard to maintain in any long-term relationship, regardless of sexuality—and sustaining a healthy sexual appetite in a relationship over the years takes a great deal of work.Dr. Glenda Corwin knows this fact well—she’s been counseling couples on issues of sexual intimacy for the last twenty years. In her new guide, Sexual Intimacy for Women: A Guide for Same-Sex Couples (Seal Press, $16.95, June 2010), she addresses the most common concerns in women’s sexual relationships, offering expert advice to help women overcome everything from the effects of aging or past trauma to the disengagement that infidelity and even parenthood can impose on a relationship.

Corwin argues that the key to long-lasting sexual intimacy is intention: When women expect passion to ignite spontaneously, they find themselves waiting longer and longer between lovemaking. Sexual Intimacy for Women also addresses a variety of issues women face, from body issues to lowered sex drive, dispelling myths—such as “menopause reduces sex drive”—and offering solutions on how to bring intention back into a relationship.

Each chapter deals with a specific obstacle, and Corwin offers relationship examples from her practice. Workbook-style questions appear at the end of each chapter to help open lines of communication between couples, allowing them a safe space to address problems in their relationship.

Prescriptive and poignant, Sexual Intimacy for Women helps female couples examine the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of same-sex relationships, and offers Corwin’s expert advice to help them confront—and conquer—the intimacy challenges within their relationships.

About the Author - Dr. Glenda Corwin is a clinical psychologist who has been in private practice for twenty years. She specializes in sexual intimacy issues for women in same-sex relationships. Her work as a therapist and her research on lesbian sexual patterns inspired her to write this book for women who want to feel more joy and intimacy in their relationships. She lives in Atlanta, GA.

For more info on Sexual Intimacy for Women go to drglendacorwin.com or

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