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Gay superhero comic nominated for prestigious award! PDF Print E-mail
May 25, 2010 at 11:57 AM

Controversial new comic Spandex has been nominated for an Eagle Award – the comics equivalent of the Oscars! The comic – about a group of gay superheroes – is nominated in the category for Best British Colour Comic Book.

Spandex creator Martin Eden commented on the nomination: “I’m completely shocked and I really didn’t expect it! I’m so proud of my comic and I’m really trying to do things that have never been done in a comic before. I’m up against some big titles in my category, so it’d be so exciting if the independent guy won! I have some amazing plans for the next few issues of Spandex, and I can’t wait to unleash it all on the comic-reading world.”

Issue Two of the comic features a guest appearance by Her Majesty herself, the Queen – as a Buckingham Palace burglary sparks off Spandex’s latest adventure! The Brighton-based gay-team then head to Japan to recover the crown jewels and replace a fallen team-mate. There, they face the formidable swords of the Pink Ninjas, the terrifying Gayzilla, and they recruit Neon, the world’s first gay, fluorescent ninja!

Spandex is now being published as an ongoing comic title, with eventual book collections in the pipeline. “The original plan was to publish issue one, and then work on a bigger book,” says Martin, “but after global media attention, it was just too exciting to wait!” Spandex hit the headlines back in November – not just in the UK, but in Australia, Russia, America, Germany – all over the world – too.

Spandex comic #2 is on sale now and is available from the Spandex website, selected comic shops and via online download. Each reader will receive a special Pink Ninja badge (while stocks last!).

Tying in with this issue is ‘Japandex’, an online gallery of Japan - related artwork all with a Spandex twist –  provided by the UK’s best independent comic artists.

Spandex comic #2
On-sale now!

For more information on Spandex comic, visit:

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About Spandex comic:
Spandex is a brand new comic book series featuring the world’s first all-gay superhero team!

Spandex comic #2 is 36 full-colour pages priced at $9, available from selected comic shops.

Spandex comic #2 is also available as a $2 download at www.spandexcomic.com

The leader of the team and the world’s first transvestite superhero! Libery has a (female) power suit which gives her strength and flight, and she also has her own ‘Gaydar’ (like Spider Sense, but gayer). In Issue Two, we learn that the cheerful leader has a very manipulative side...

Brooding and quiet, Butch is dealing with the assassination of her brother, and the fact she is dating the team’s biggest enemy, Pussy.

The team’s joker – but when his lover is murdered, how will this affect his behaviour?

Prowler has the power to absorb the skills and abilities of any gay person – so that could mean taking the powers of a team-mate or enemy, or, in this issue, learning how to speak Japanese!

Inspired by Britney Spears (!), Diva is the most beautiful superhero you’ll ever see... But don’t let those good looks deceive you... Diva is deadly in a fight, and she has many, many deep, dark secrets...

Indigo has her ‘Indigo Room’, a room full of weapons, gadgets and costume changes, which she can visit in the blink of an eye. Issue Two sees her develop feelings for a male team-mate…

Trained by Pei Gay, Neon is the world's first gay flourescent ninja and a former member of Japan's biggest superteam, The J-Team.

Prepare for gay zombies in issue three in a story called '...If You Were The Last Man on Earth'. The issue focuses on Glitter and we get to see a very different side to him. Then issues four to six contain a huge Spandex epic, as the team are attacked individually by Les Girlz.

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Comment by Brandy on 2012-07-01 00:26:42
Why do I bother cailnlg up people when I can just read this!

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