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This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Cookbook . . . PDF Print E-mail
Apr 08, 2010 at 07:50 AM

Dinner Tonight: Bend Me Over Beef or Miso Honee Stir Fry?

A cookbook that would really have granny’s knickers in a twist has sold over 6,000 copies to date. Jason Bailin, the self published, sharp-tongued, quick-witted author of Get in the Kitchen, BIT@HES! has taken a non-apologetic plunge into the normally stuffy cookbook market, creating recipes such as Poke Me! Pork and On Your Knees! Chicken.

If the general bit@hiness of the book isn’t enough for you, just take a look at the deliciously naughty pictures. Scenes of fratboys, leatherboys and even dirty old men playing with their very own kitchen bit@hes sprinkle the book from cover to cover. The entire package will have you on your knees….laughing that is. And then there’s the food. The cookbook features salads for the bit@hes who need to lose a few, beef and pork for those carb-free circuit boys, and even splurge fare including various ribs, chicken and lamb for those big ole bears to munch on. And don’t worry, for those sassy skinny, twinks who feel that the effects of eating sugar are as appealing as back hair, there are no desserts to choose from.

Get in the Kitchen BIT@HES! takes a new and hilarious approach to the traditionally staid cookbook. Entertaining readers and aspiring weekend chefs, Get in the Kitchen, BIT@HES! blends the humor of a small coffee table book with the functionality of a traditional cookbook. Using sarcasm and comedy, the author helps readers hone their culinary skills by providing recipes and guidance on what foods and flavors taste best together.

“I was tired of all the cookbooks written by cheerful, wholesome chefs who make you want to smack them in the face with a frying pan” said Bailin. “I wanted to come up with a new kind of cookbook that had some personality, some teeth to it. I knew if I succeeded, a person would actually enjoy reading the book and not simply flip through it to find a particular recipe.”

With over 52 recipes for entrées, appetizers, sides, soups, stews and homemade salad dressings, Get in the Kitchen, BIT@HES! aims to provide something for everyone’s unique taste and skill level. Fare ranges from simple meatloaf and stir-fry to ribs, pasta, and lamb. Each dish, like the Chicken Curry Tacos, aspires to blend several cuisines to create unexpected flavors. Get in the Kitchen BIT@HES! is ideal for bachelors and first time cooks as well as for the more cultivated cuisiniers hoping to expand their culinary repertoire. “I hope that the down-to-earth, humorous nature of the book will get all the damn bit@hes in the kitchen!” Bailin said.


Each recipe includes an S&M (“Sides and More”) section, which suggests various appetizers, sides, and salads suited to complement the entrée.

Each recipe is labeled with one of three difficulty levels; Dumb@ss, The Little Chef That Could, and Are You Fu@%ing Kidding Me?!

After each recipe, Bailin offers his “Words of Wisdom”, which details to the reader why and how their new creation is so divinely delectable.

Get in the Kitchen, BIT@HES! helps readers economize by including a section with money-saving secrets and insider tips like how to add life to leftovers.

For those too damn lazy to start from scratch, it offers a chapter that outlines ways to utilize pre-packaged foods to add zest and depth to any meal.

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