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Apr 06, 2010 at 05:52 PM

Unbelievable. A lesbian high school senior in Mississippi was sent to a "fake prom" while the rest of the class had their own, secret prom.

It all started when her school board canceled prom for the entire school – all because Constance McMillen wanted to bring her girlfriend.

Then parents organized a secret prom. Needless to say, Constance and her girlfriend weren't invited. They were sent to a different location.

Let's make sure she knows we have her back.

The school board went to court to defend their bigoted policy of canceling the prom.

The court stopped short of forcing them to reinstate the original prom, because the school board told the judge that Constance would be "welcome and encouraged to attend" a private prom sponsored by parents.

That invitation never came. Instead, when Constance asked the organizers of the private prom about the time and place of the event, she was sent to the "fake" prom, which was attended by just five other students. The rest of the school partied at a secret location.

To add bigotry on top of bigotry: two of the people at the "fake" prom were students with learning difficulties. Clearly they weren't good enough for the prom either.

Constance wasn't trying to start a legal battle or a big fight in the national media. All she wanted to do was to celebrate with the rest of her classmates.

We've seen this kind of discrimination before. It's cowardly – and it's up to us to ensure they don't get away with it.


Joe Solmonese
Joe Solmonese

P.S. More details here.


User Comments

Comment by Zarnak on 2012-06-30 20:24:50
I think it s pretty rdulcuiois that in 2010 a school would cancel a prom to prevent a lesbian couple from attending. Schools are supposed to be a safe haven for students, not a place that they have to hide. If people cannot express themselves, then how are they supposed to grow and become an individual?I don t understand how the school could ever think that they could make this ruling. As American s, we re all given the freedom of speech, and expressing your love is exactly that. Of course I agree that you shouldn t be allowed to make others feel uncomfortable, but wouldn t it be uncomfortable if a straight couple was dancing closely and touching a lot? I think yes. What this school did was very suppressing, and completely illegal. Just think about the phrase a distraction to the educational process What about prom isn t a distraction? The expensive dresses, time spent coming up with plans, most likely drinking. The whole thing is one big distraction. And cancelling it all together is only to create more of a distraction, but this time an angry one. Their actions did not fix the problem, but exacerbate it.Now this poor girl is going to be even more discriminated against because it was her fault that the prom was cancelled. Schools should never ostracize people based on their differences. That is fundamentally wrong. I would hope that parents would provide backlash to this decision, but I m sure many parents were happy because then they don t have to worry about their children being exposed to homosexuality at prom. I m honestly not sure how other people in my high school would take something like that happening. As much as I d like to think that they would be disappointed in their school, high schoolers are selfish and only care about themselves.Two years ago, my best guy friend came out to me and my friends. Before I knew about him, I really didn t know anyone who was gay. Therefore, I didn t understand and it was very unfamiliar to me. Maybe this girl s hometown was like that, with little sexual diversity. Without understanding, it can make you feel uncomfortable, but that s always the case with things that you don t understand. I can t imagine if my school had discriminated against my friend. Not only would it make me mad, but it would force me to lose faith in my school. I wonder if her friends are supporting her, or if they re just as mortified as the other students in her grade. My guess is that they ve abandoned her because they don t want to be associated with the cancellation of prom. Hopefully the ACLU can help Constance win her case, but I m not even sure how much that is going to help. Sure she ll win money, but she ll never get her prom experience back, and most likely she ll never get the experience of her senior year back. This high school did much more than cancel prom, it really changed the course of this girl s life.

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