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Tomorrow May Be Too Late by Thomas Marino is an autobiographical account of a 10-month period in the author's life when he took part in a life-changing relationship with another man.

Young, selfish and naive, Marino was working at a bank by day and stripping by night to make ends meet. His brief marriage to his young wife was coming to a close, and he found himself at a crossroads. Ready to explore his feelings for men, he embarks on a series of meaningless encounters that satisfy his physical needs but leave him emotionally empty. Then Marino meets a mysterious man who shares his name: Tom. Intrigued, the pair begins a tumultuous 10-month relationship that leaves Marino devastated, broke and far wiser for the experience.

"My time with Tom stands as a singular life lesson for me - one that I'm glad I experienced, as painful as it was," Marino says. "Though Tom left me broken both fiscally and romantically, I feel he loved me, in his way. He definitely left me a better man, more secure in my sexuality and lifestyle."

Intended for gay audiences, the book offers a candid account of Marino's evolving sexuality and gradual acceptance of himself and his needs. It also aims to depict the professional challenges that come with living as a gay man who had not accepted his sexual identity in the 1980s and the constant fear of being discovered. Also included is a playlist of songs that entertained and inspired the author during this memorable period of his life.

About the Author
Thomas Marino is a writer and retail banking executive. His banking career began in 1984 with a job as a part-time teller and has included positions at more than 10 institutions throughout the Northeast. With Tomorrow May Be Too Late, Marino realized his dream of writing a book based on his first love affair with another man while sometimes working three jobs at a time. A proud native of southern New Jersey, Marino lives with his husband and son.

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