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Campus Pride Announces Recipients of the 2010 National Voice & Action Award PDF Print E-mail

George Aumoithe, Jr. of Bowdoin College and Stephen Lucas of Penn State chosen for national LGBT honor recognizing extraordinary contributions

(Charlotte, NC, February 18, 2010) -- Campus Pride (www.CampusPride.org) recognizes George Aumoithe, Jr. of Bowdoin College (Class of 2011) and Stephen Lucas from Pennsylvania State University (Class of 2010) with the 2010 National Voice & Action Leadership Award. The annual honorary recognition is the only one of its kind focused nationally on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and ally college students. Every year the award is bestowed upon young adults who have made extraordinary contributions as LGBT and ally leaders at colleges and universities across the United States.

“Campus Pride created the Voice & Action National Leadership Award to showcase the amazing work and commitment by young adult leaders in our movement for fairness and equality. Indeed, both George and Stephen exemplify this award and campus Pride honors both of them and all the outstanding leaders who applied this year,” Christopher Bylone, Campus Pride volunteer program coordinator,said.

Over thirty college students applied for the Voice & Action National Leadership Award this year. The award program is made possible through Campus Pride corporate partners Ernst & Young, LLP & OUTmedia. The Campus Pride national recognition includes a free registration to attend a LGBT and ally regional conference and the Voice &Action Award itself. As a special bonus to the honorary recognition, OUTmedia (www.outmedia.org) offers a free artist or speaker of the recipient's choice to bring to their respective campus the following year. Artists and speakers include LZ Granderson, Vidur Kapur, Emanuel Xavier, Donna Rose, Tami Gold,Jackie Monahan, Good Asian Drivers, Gregory Douglass, Mimi Gonzalez, & Ben Lerman. Ernst & Young and OUTmedia are nationally known for their commitment and work promoting diversity as well as LGBT and ally advocacy among young adult populations.

Both honorees are hailed by peers, faculty and staff on their respective campuses and represent the best of LGBT and ally activism. George Aumoithe, Jr. is a junior at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and is the co-founder & co-editor of Q Magazine. Stephen Lucas is a senior at Pennsylvania State University in College Park, Pennsylvania. He is the only undergraduate student serving on the executive board of the Penn State Commission on LGBT Equity.

"Today we need more leaders in our movement like George and Stephen and the thirty other notable applicants for this award--young adults who tirelessly advocate and create change for future generations," said Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director of Campus Pride."The Voice & Action Leadership Award finally gives visible national recognition where it has long been overdue."

According to Windmeyer, the Voice & Action national Leadership Award is meant to underscore the mission of Campus Pride –"to develop, support and give voice and action in building future LGBT and ally leaders." The award is bestowed upon individuals who use their"voice" to speak up and who take "action" to make a positive difference. Every academic year Campus Pride honors outstanding young adult college student leaders throughout the country with the Voice & Action National Leadership Award.

Members of the selection committee included the campus Q Team Youth Advisory Board, Shelly Weiss of OUTmedia, Khanh Vu of Ernst & Young, Vernon Wall of ACPA - College Student Educators International,Dave Reynolds of The Trevor Project, Vince Garcia of The Point Foundation and the former 2009 Voice & Action Award Recipients - Celso Perez, Shawna Scott and Justin Hager.

For more details visit www.campuspride.org or email .

Believe In -- Campus Pride. Campus Pride is the leading national nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) for student leaders and campus organizations working to create safer, more LGBT-friendly colleges and universities. It exists to give"voice and action" in building future LGBT and ally leaders. Moreinfo online at www.campuspride.org.

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Comment by Tsuki on 2012-11-29 21:01:44
John, I have several thigns to address! First, I love you. But you should know this already. Second, you look medieval with your hood on lol. idk why XD. Third, I missed your video where you won an award (I just watched it) and I'm so happy for you! Fourth, idk if you've ever seen this show called Being Human, but you remind me of the guy that plays George lol. #Random. I think I covered everything lol

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